One of my Fifteen Minutes of Fame!

On September 5th 1998, my website was featured on the TV program 'Internet Tonight' on the ZDTV Network. If you'd like to see the segment, I have created three copies of it in Quicktime Format, saved in increasing levels of fuzziness for the bandwidth impaired...... The Quicktime (QT) links will play in your browser, but I do recommend that you download a larger zipped file for best viewing. Enjoy!

- nick.

Screaming Bandwidth Version:  320x240x8fps  QT@9.5mb - Zip@7.3mb 
High Bandwidth Version:  160x120x8fps  QT@5.5mb - Zip@4.5mb 
Medium Bandwidth Version:  160x120x4fps  QT@2.5mb - Zip@1.7mb 
Low Bandwidth Version:  80x60x4fps  QT@1.1mb - Zip@0.8mb 

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