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Posted by Lawrence Falzitto on June 09, 2009 at 08:05:54
(Message posted from "unknown" at - explanation

In Reply to: "Bill Gaede use to post here...." posted by Bruce on June 06, 2009 at 18:32:13

Let's try to refrain from the unprofessional comments and attitudes on this public forum. I forgive you for that's what Christians do when under such attacks on their persons, for I know you aren't Christian just from your rude insulting comments.
So you have no restraining spiritual helper to refrain you from such outbursts, like we Christians do. He's known as the Holy Spirit, and works daily in Christians lives to help them overcome and get daily victories in all sorts of daily problems. Now . .
Do you also ignor sound doctrine from other verifiable sources,and the professional use of the scientific method used by others? Like Dr. Gordon McDonald of NASA?
There is a growing wealth of scientific data gathered over the years to prove, that not only is the moon hollow but that our earth has a hollow(ness) at its core!
Gee then maybe the Bible is right after all if we take a good long look at the scientific data and examine what Scriptures state where it talks about Hell being located at the center of the earth, in the book of Matthew.
But then this is my personal conviction, and as no bering on the message article I will post here. Further scientific proof, gathered by various scientist in their respicted field, that the moon is hollow. You should use the scientific method as all good scientists would do if you disagree with the article and its publisher, and not just blurt out obscentities,ok? Now read and learn, and behave yourself.

Dennis Crenshaw's The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report

An Introduction to The Hollow Earth

Statement of Purpose

Hollow Moon?
A Look at The Polar Mystery

Hollow Moon?
From Where The Bells Toll by Dennis Crenshaw

Another piece of evidence pointing towards the theory that all heavenly bodies are hollow is that, as you would expect with a hollow sphere, both the Earth and our moon are known to "ring like a bell" when hit with a shock wave.

In "Moongate: Suppressed findings of The US Space Program" (1982), Nuclear Engineer and researcher/writer William L. Brian II presents evidence proving that the moon, as any hollow sphere would, "rings" when hit by asteroids or heavy space junk. And that's not all. According to Dr. Brian, "the evidence provided by Apollo seismic experiments also points to the conclusion that the moon is hollow and relatively rigid." (1)
He also reports:

"It is not commonly known that the Earth displays the same bell-like ringing or reverberations as the moon. Since the Earth is 81.56 times more massive than the moon, it takes a much larger explosion or shock wave to generate this effect.
"Joseph Goodavage referenced such occurrences in his book, "Astrology: The Space Age Science". He mentioned that the ringing effect was recorded during the May 22, 1960 Chilean earthquake. This was supposedly the most violent earthquake that had been recorded since the establishment of official world records in 1881. Goodavage provided a description of the effect which was given at the 1961 World Earthquake Conference, held at Helsinki, Finland.
The description stated that the shock was so severe that the "entire planet rang like a bell". The ringing continued for a considerable length of time in a regular series of slow impulses which were recorded at various independent seismic stations. Goodavage also noted that the planet rang again as a result of the Anchorage, Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964. It seems hard to believe that scientists were so appalled in finding that the moon rang like a bell. After all, the Earth displays the same characteristic". (2)

Proof that the "ringing" of the moon is common knowledge in the scientific and NASA communities is presented in communications between Mission Control and the men aboard the Apollo 17 moon mission on December 29, 1972.

"LUNAR MODULE PILOT (LMP): Was there any indication on the seismometers on the impact about the time I saw a light flash on the surface? CAPCOM: Stand by. We'll check on that.
LMP: A UFO perhaps, don't worry about it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light
CAPCOM: Jack, just some words from the back room for you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but . So it would mask any other impact." (3)

Research/Writer Don Wilson presents other well-documented evidence supporting the Hollow Moon Theory.

"The moon has only 60% of the density of Earth. The improbable fact that an equal amount of earth material seemed to weigh almost twice as much as moon matter mystified everyone. Why the difference? The actual answer, some scientists felt, pointed to the possibility that part or all of the moon's interior was hollow!" (4)

Then there's a report in the July 1962 issue of Astronautics by Dr. Gordon McDonald, a leading scientist at the Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration in which he states that "according to an analysis of the moon's motion, it appears that the moon is hollow: if the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the moon is less dense than the outer parts. Indeed, it would seem that the moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere." (5)

In 1959 eminent scientist Professor Iosif Shklovsky put forth his findings in relation to the "moons" circling Mars. "After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are both hollow" (6)

While some "orthodox" scientists will quietly admit that some earthly bodies are probably hollow, they steadfastly refuse to accept the fact that ALL planets and moons are NATURALLY hollow and hurry to add they must be "artificial" satellites.

For instance:
"The moon seems to be a comparatively light world in contrast with the planet Earth. The fact that the moon is only about 60% as dense as our planet has led scientists to two theories: that the moon is without an iron core, and/or, that it is partially hollow.
"Data and computations among them, Dr. McDonald's motion studies, point to the conclusion that our moon is internally hollow to a great extent.
Since most scientists claim there is no natural explanation for such peculiar phenomenon (because satellite worlds are not naturally hollow), the inevitable conclusion indicates that the moon is artificially hollow." (7)

Once again, the "establishment" scientists are trying to "fit" the facts to their "sacred cow" theory. In no way will they "buck" the system and admit the obvious. The facts, once again, support the theory laid out by Gardner and Reed all heavenly bodies are hollow.

(1) "Moongate: Suppressed findings of the US Space Program". William L. Brian II. Portland, OR: Future Research Publishing Co. 1982. (page 126). (2) Ibid. (page 126-127).
(3) "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon. Donald K. Wilson. New York, NY: Dell Publishing Co. 1975. (page 60).
(4) Ibid. (page 71).
(5) Ibid. (page 73).
(6) Ibid. (page 82).
(7) Ibid. (page 89

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