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Posted by STEVE A JEFFREY on January 01, 2012 at 19:21:35
(Message posted by user "aircloud" from "") - explanation

Is that your theory is incompatable with string
theory and standard physics.
String theory is incompatable with relativities four
dimensions of space/time.
So it needs a modification to have it make sense for
Einsteins theory of relativity.
Also QM and GR are incompatable with each other yet
we can use both theories in tandem 2+2=4.
So maybe we can use this new theory in tandem with QM
or GR.?
I don't know how to frame this as a question I have
trouble with that.
But would you agree that incompatabity with the
standard explaination need not rule a new theory out.
Otherwise we would have no new thoeries and science
would grind to a halt because you have to use the
scinetific method to make predictions with a new
theory and then test them.
It doesn't happen in just one second.Maybe it is the
test of whether string theory agrees with Einsteins
4D/space time equations if you can't convert one to
the other then it doesn't work.
And maybe should be disgarded since EInsteins thoery
passes every test even the recent test of the speed
of light and nutrinos.But you offer no proof.I have
offered proof of the equation
I have offered the proof of the anthropic principal
that if we have stable atoms in our universe the big
crunch prior to our big bang must have been unstable.
Therefore there must have been higher dimensions
probably 10+ 1 of time according to string theory.
The dimenions would have been open and large spacial
for them to be closed in our four dimensional
And circular orbits would mean unstable atoms.
And electrons would fly off into space and be free
electrons or would spiral into the nucleus and be
closely associated with the protons and nuetrons we
can draw an equation for that with the result the
same as CERN of quark gluon plasma................

The question of thermodynamics means that the big
crunch the universe increases in order and not
disorder not would be a low entropy state.Of course
penrose is off on his own tangent saying the big
crunch would be high entropy.
But it would not.

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