Professor Stephen W Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS
"Lively and provocative ... Hawking clearly possesses a natural teacher’s gifts — easy, good-natured humor and an ability to illustrate highly complex propositions with analogies plucked from daily life."
- The New York Times

"This book marries a child’s wonder to a genius’ intellect. We journey into Hawking’s universe, while marvelling at his mind. - The Sunday Times (London)

"Charming and lucid ... gives the general reader an opportunity to learn some deep science from the source.... [A book of] sunny brilliance. - The New Yorker

Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub
November 6, 2001
ISBN: 055380202X

In this brilliant sequel to the phenomenal A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking unravels the amazing theoretical breakthroughs that have happened during the decade that followed the publication of that bestseller.

In an easily accessible and playful style Hawking guides us through the evolution of Einstein's relativity, the uncertainly principle, quantum mechanics, five string theories, M-theory, and the mysterious p-branes that seem to pave the way for that grail of theoretical physics -- the big TOE -- the Theory of Everything. He conveys the excitement felt at present within the scientific community as he travels with us through an Alice in Wonderland universe of ten dimensions; which might be just one of many alternative histories, where black holes evaporate, superstrings curl up on themselves, and parallel universes contract to nothing.

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