The 1998 Total Solar Eclipse,
Guadeloupe, F.W.I.
On February 26th, 1998, the Sun eclipsed in the Caribbean, and Rebecca and I were on the island of Guadeloupe to see it. We watched it from the windward side of the island with Craig DeForest and a large group of his physicist buddies who were in town for a solar physics conference (what a coincidence!). Here are the images I captured of it, with a few of the snaps from the day...... (You can also look at photos of the rest of the trip).
(Click on the thumbnail image to view a full size version.)

Look at the movie that I created using all the eclipse images, shot at an interval of 10 minutes over the course of 2½ hours.
And so it begins......
Over half way
there now!
A cool lens
flare effect.
Bailey's Beads at second contact.
The magnificence
of Totality!
Moments before second contact.
Bec and I set up and waiting on a beautiful coastal hill...... Snapping away at the sun.
Bec, Craig and I wearing our eclipse shades. All the first-time eclipse viewers!

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