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W3dn3Zday, January 21, 2004

RJ Z3ct10n
army Z0ngZ
funny vu|gar Zup3r10rZ

N0T fun:
pa1nfu| h3|m3t
Zm3||y c|0th3Z
wat3r parad3
unfunny vu|gar Zup3r10rZ

W3dn3Zday, January 14, 2004

3v3ry0n3...Z3z by3by3z t0 b1rdb1rdz..m3 1Z g01ng army t0m0rr0w..|at3rZ b0yz, g1r|z and b1rdz~!!

Tu3Zday, January 06, 2004

watch3d |0TR, 5w33t!aga1n, hAq Th3 W3rlD! and 1 juZt r3a|1Z3d that th3 h0bb1tZ ar3 Zh0rt3r than th3 r3Zt, 5w33t! th3n 1 th0ught 0f a r3a||y c|3v3r qu3Zt10n: ar3 th3 act0rZ wh0 p|ay h0bb1tZ juZt damn y0ung 0r ar3 th3y r3a||y m1dg3tZ 1n r3a| |1f3? h0w arh? p|Z 3n|1ght3n m3 wh3n y0u n3xt Z33 m3!

$unday, January 04, 2004

Ha||0!! Happy N3w Y3ar!!

1m r3a||y r3a||y (x55) |00k1ng f0rward t0 N$..can't wa1t t0 put my NCC & B1rd1an Zk1||Z t0 g00d uZ3!! m3anwh1|3Z 1 hav3 d0n3 my N$ pack1ng a|r3ady, hAq Th3 W3rlD! am br1ng1ng 1n 55 Z3tZ 0f c|3an und3rw3ar juZt t0 b3 Zaf3.

BAD N3W$!!..ZuZu n3v3r w1n th3 can0n 1xuZ th1ng., HaKk3rZ R3wL! w03 b3t1d3 uZ!! wh3r3 d0th juZt1c3 b3?? n0 r3Zt f0r th3 w1ck3d!!

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