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Fr1day, AuguZt 27, 2004

1 hav3 Zpr3ad my w1ngZ
and f|0wn away
0n th1Z thurZday

1 hav3 m0v3d
t0 a c0|d3r c|1m3
f0r a n1c3r t1m3

w1ndZ 0f chang3
Zad but tru3
aZ 1 f|3w

1 pr0m1Z3
1|| r3turn
a|1v3 0r 1n an urn


$aturday, Apr1| 24, 2004

Th3r3 Zh3 1Z!!
watch th1Z m0v13..kawa1111...

Fr1day, March 26, 2004

0n th3 8th day 0f chr1ZtmaZ my Z3rg3ant gav3 t0 m3
8 k|1k r0ut3 march
7 ch1nupZ
6 Z0m3th1ng Z0m3th1ng
5...numb3r 4Z
4 PT k1tZ
3 t3nt p3gZ
2 fr1ck1ng pa1|Z (??)

0ur PaZZ1ng 0ut Parad3 waZ g01ng t0 b3 GR3AT..w3 w3r3 g01ng t0 march w1th 0ur f13|d pack fu|| 0f n3wZpap3r t0 c0n th3 par3ntZ that w3 w3r3 carry1ng 7kg f13|d packZ 1n th3 h0t Zun..w3 w3r3 g01ng t0 H3NTAK KAK1 (13 wa|k n0wh3r3) 1n b3at w1th th3 |1V3 BAND., 5w33t!w3 w3r3 g01ng t0 march r0und th3 parad3 Zquar3 and t1|t 0ur h3adZ Z1d3wayZ t0 Ztar3 at th3 aud13nc3 |1k3 Z0m3 r3ta- 3r $MART $0|D13R$, 5w33t!w3 w3r3 g01ng t0 Z1ng th3 1NFANTRY $0NG and TRA1N1NG T0 B3 $0|D13R$ and $TAND UP F0R $1NGAP0R3, HaKk3rZ R3wL! w3 w3r3 g01ng t0 t0ZZ 0ur capZ r3a| h1gh and |angga 3ach 0th3r try1ng t0 catch th3m, 5w33t! 1t waZ g01ng t0 b3 aw3Z0m3.

and th3n 1t ra1n3d, Z0 w3 had t0 g0 h0m3 3ar|y, 5w33t!damn, 5w33t!1 hat3 1t wh3n 1 can |3av3 t3k0ng 3ar|y, HaKk3rZ R3wL! d0n't u?

Tu3Zday, March 23, 2004

1 thr3w a gr3nad3 t0day, 5w33t! GR3NN3H |0UD|0UD!!!

$unday, March 21, 2004

back! n3wZ! th3 thr33 |00nt00tZ hav b33n caught....m1ght hav3 t0 c0m3 back dur1ng b|0ck |3av3 t0 thr0w gr3nad3., 5w33t!0h n happy bday xm..

d1d 1 m3nt10n 1 Z1gn3d 0n? g00dby3 cru3| w0r|d

Fr1day, F3bruary 27, 2004

v3ry 1nt3r3Zt1ng b|0g..3Zp th3 arch1v3Z
"W3|c0m3 t0 th3 jung|3
W3'v3 g0t fun 'n' gam3Z
W3 g0t 3v3ryth1ng y0u want

W3|c0m3 t0 th3 jung|3
Watch 1t br1ng y0u t0 y0ur
kn33Z, kn33Z
1 wanna watch y0u b|33d

W3|c0m3 t0 th3 jung|3
1t g3tZ w0rZ3 h3r3 3v3ryday
Ya |3arn ta |1v3 |1k3 an an1ma|
1n th3 jung|3 wh3r3 w3 p|ay

Y0u kn0w wh3r3 y0u ar3
Y0u'r3 1n th3 jung|3 baby
Y0u'r3 g0nna d13
1n th3 jung|3"

1m baaack fr0m f13|d camp!! 7 dayZ 0f Z1anz 1n th3 h0t t3k0ng jung|3, 5w33t! 1 Zt3pp3d 0n Zh1t, 5w33t! 1 craw|3d 0n th0rnZ, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1 waZ Zh0t at, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1 waZ Ztarv3d, 5w33t! 1 dug my grav3, 5w33t! d1d 1 m3nt10n 1 Zt3pp3d 0n Zh1t?
0k |a n0t Z0 drama |a..qu1t3 3z actua||y, hAq Th3 W3rlD! but anywayZ thank g0d 1tZ 0v3r!!

"T0 b3 b0rn aga1n, f1rZt y0u hav3 t0 d13.
T0 |and up0n th3 b0Z0my 3arth, f1rZt 0n3 n33dZ t0 f|y.
H0w t0 3v3r Zm1|3 aga1n, 1f f1rZt y0u w0n't cry?
H0w t0 w1n th3 dar|1ng'Z |0v3, m1Zt3r, w1th0ut a Z1gh?"

curry f|av0ur magg1 m33 and b1g mac and fr13Z n3v3r taZt3d Z0 g00d., 5w33t!aft3r Z3v3n dayZ 0f c0mbat rat10nZ y0u c0u|d hav3 Zc00p3d Z0m3 Zh1t fr0m th3 Zh1th0|3 and f3d 1t t0 m3 and 1 w0u|d hav3 g0bb|3d 1t up..0r n0t


W3dn3Zday, January 21, 2004

RJ Z3ct10n
army Z0ngZ
funny vu|gar Zup3r10rZ

N0T fun:
pa1nfu| h3|m3t
Zm3||y c|0th3Z
wat3r parad3
unfunny vu|gar Zup3r10rZ

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