Saturday, Decemba 16, 2017


Subsidized light rail.

So, there wuz dis time Ah wuz house-sittin' up at Marko's place, 'n dat shit wuz a fairly long trip.

Ah had brought a long gun along dat Ah wuz workin' up some review stuff with, man. Ah figured, what wid dat shit bein' February in New Hampshire 'n there bein' ratha a lot of nighttime, Ah should probably throw a light on da thing, know what I'm sayin'? So we stopped by Shooter's Outpost in Hooksett on da drive from da airport to Castle Frostbite, man. (Shooter's Outpost, by da way, might be da most squared-away gun store in which I've eva set foot, man. It be a real treat.)

They wuz havin' an extremely phat sale on Inforce WML lights, 'n so Ah grabbed one dat had IR 'n strobe 'n such to throw on da gun n' shit. Ah gots dat shit out of da box, 'n da build quality felt...well, chintzy, know what I'm sayin'? Cheesia than da otha Inforce Ah had, fo sure.

When Ah gots home, da Inforce wuz quickly relegated to ma backup carbine, 'n Ah moved ma ancient Mini Scout onto da new gun, man. I'd ratha has 110 lumens dat can take a beatin' than 500 lumens wid a reputation fo spontaneously disassemblin' unda recoil.

Since Ah bought ma Mini Scout, dat shit had been superseded in Surefire's catalog by a 300 lumen version 'n now, as of a couple weeks ago, dat 300 lumen version had been replaced by a new 500 lumen light, know what I'm sayin'? A review copy of da new 500 lumen M300 Mini Scout arrived from Surefire da otha day, 'n dat shit immediately supplanted da Inforce on ma backup carbine.

Well, not immediately, because Ah had to figure out how to get dat shit on da gun wid some offset so Ah could thumb da tailcap switch properly.

Surefire makes a 45-degree offset mount, but Ah don't has one of those handy, man. However, Ah remembered somethin' down on ma workbench dat might finally get some use...

 In da media goodie bags at da second Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational wuz a 45-degree Warne mount intended fo mountin' offset sights n' shit. Dat shit had been gatherin' dust in da basement fo four years now, so Ah decided to see if dat shit would work wid da light, man. Dat shit did, 'n should function fine until Ah finally get around to gettin' da Surefire mount.

 Sure, dat shit looks silly in red 'n gots to naw doubt get me killed on da streets, man. Ah mean, if Ah eva take dis gun on da streets fo some unexplainable reason.

( Da M&P15/22 be in da picture because Ah had dat shit out lookin' fo slin' stuff n' shit. And that's not a blunderbuss or recoil enhancer, it be a TLR-1 HP.)

Friday, Decemba 15, 2017


Ah needs to go to bed earlia 'n get back in da habit of ma mornin' walks.

Da darkest month always brings da SADs, plus all da year-end stuff, da ramp-up fo SHOT, 'n da holiday season things to do has stuff stacked on ma plate so high things be fallin' off, know what I'm sayin'? Ah needs somethin' to give me a feelin' of control 'n a schedule, 'n gettin' up on time 'n walkin' around da block be a pretty easy thin' to do.

Thursday, Decemba 14, 2017

Parentin' & Guns...

Ah be not responsible enough to has children, know what I'm sayin'? I'm not even responsible enough to has a dog or an aquarium n' shit. A cat or a ball python be about da level of involvement wid anotha livin' creature wid which Ah can be safely entrusted, 'n they don't take much involvement at all.

When a reada sent an email askin' fo some pointers to blogs wid material coverin' da safe storage of guns around kids, Ah immediately referred 'em to Kathy Jackson 'n Melody Lauer, who be go-to sources on armed parenting.

Ah kain't think of any dudes who has written on dat shit 'mo than tangentially, so if yo' ass know of any phat armed parentin' blogs written from da dad's point of view ratha than da mom's, shoot me an email.

Wednesday, Decemba 13, 2017

Problem Solved?

Ah had a suspicion from somethin' Ah read in this article by David Merrill dat da off-centa light strike problem in da G39 wuz caused by da recoil sprin' not bein' able to overcome da strika sprin' if da slide closed while da trigga wuz still to da rear n' shit. Dis issue in da Glock 32 'n 20 wuz solved wid heavia recoil springs able to close da slide wid 'mo force, but dat solution be 'mo difficult wid da subcompacts.

So Ah tried comin' at dat shit from da otha end by installin' a lightened strika spring.

For da first time since Ah gots it, da gun ran through a box of fifty rounds without a hitch, even when Ah pinned da trigga in an attempt to provoke da out-of-battery off-centa light strike problem.

I'm cautiously optimistic 'n plan on runnin' anotha couple boxes through to check.

Tuesday, Decemba 12, 2017

A pox on Ian Flemin' 'n Eon Productions.


Da American mall continues its death spiral.

Specialty retail still has a niche, Ah think, but da department store be goin' da way of da dinosaur, dat shit looks like, wid da big ass box Martmarts 'n Amazon fightin' ova da carcass, man. Without department stores, yo' ass don't get da foot traffic dat keeps da little specialty retailers 'n food court shops open.

What goes in those spaces?

We already had our nearest mall die, know what I'm sayin'? Glendale Town Center went through da entire cycle of openin' as an open-air shoppin' center, bein' converted to an enclosed mall, 'n havin' da mall demolished 'n bein' converted back into an open air shoppin' center n' shit. Da supa Target 'n da Lowe's be thrivin' there, but Ah don't know how much longa dat particular Macy's be fo dis world.

Muzzle Blasts

Last Tuesday's project wuz to expose da Surefire XC1-B to some muzzle blast 'n recoil, know what I'm sayin'? Ah put some clear tape ova da lens, but dat shit wuz blown off wid da first shot even though I'd taken pains to make da side toward da muzzle as flush-fittin' as possible.

Fortunately, da position of da lens doesn't appear to accumulate much cack, man. I'll fall back to da old trick of a smear of Vaseline or similar fo long range sessions, 'n then wipe dat shit off afterward.

While Ah wuz there, da Smith 745 gots a box of Armscor 230gr FMJ through it, just fo fun, know what I'm sayin'? Ah heart dis gun ratha a lot, even if Ah did has to tighten da grip screws when Ah gots home, man. Fortunately, Ah keep one of these on ma desk, man. (Ah kain't believe those be bringin' thirty bucks now, know what I'm sayin'? Of course, if we hadn't pitched so many of 'em back in da day, they wouldn't be, so...)

Shootin' da 32 fast be ratha harda than shootin' da 19 at speed, man. Ah feel like I'm wrestlin' da gun more n' shit. To get a scatterin' of holes like dat wid da 9mm Gen4 19 Ah carry, I'd be shootin' at a wheels-coming-off pace, whereas dis wuz probably mostly done at a .4-.6 clip? Anyway, da flashlight still works, da Apex trigga be still 'n all fat fo ma tastes, 'n Ah still like da Trijicon HD XR sights, man. (Enough so dat Ah want to get a set fo ma carry gun.)

Also, dis recoil sprin' be startin' to close da slide a little sluggishly, especially when havin' to fight da striker n' shit. Da 20# CrSi IMSAh recoil sprin' has 2,070 rounds on it, man. Ah may replace dat shit to see what effect dat has.

Monday, Decemba 11, 2017

Da last warm day...

Monday last week wuz sixty degrees 'n sunny, most likely da last day of its type until late March unless we get some truly unseasonable weather n' shit. Ah drove up north 'n gots in one last fair-weatha outdoor range trip wid Mike Grasso out at Atlanta Conservation Club.

Ah finally gots to run some ammo through dat Grayguns-built HK P7M8 longslide, man. Dat shit shoots exactly like you'd think dat shit would: Like magic.

Ah had some leftova 9mm ammo wid my, ten rounds of Estate 115gr FMJ 'n eight Spea 124gr +P GDHP, man. Mike wuz burnin' up some surplus Winchesta Ranga 'n so Ah fired eleven rounds of that, which meant a total of 29 'mo rounds through da CZ, know what I'm sayin'?

Ah also function tested da Smith & Wesson 745 to da tune of 40 rounds of 230gr Winchesta White Box FMJ, know what I'm sayin'? Dat shit ran fine, too.

I'm pretty pleased wid da way dat CZ 75 be running n' shit.

There wuz naw malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes 1159 rounds since da weapon wuz last cleaned or lubed wid naw malfunctions of any type, know what I'm sayin'? 841 rounds to go.

Actual Improvement.

When Surefire first started shippin' they original XC1, Ah wuz completely uninterested, man. At 200 lumens, dat shit wuz almost twice as bright as its closest competition in da low-profile CCW weaponlight category, Crimson Trace's LightGuard, but da switchology on da thin' wuz a complete soup sandwich.

The rocker switch on the back of the light was momentary only; for constant-on, you needed to manipulate a little nubbin of a crossbolt-style switch on the light body.

Well, Surefire has fixed that with the new XC1-B, thankfully.

For starters, it's now putting out 300 lumens from a single AAA cell. That's as much as the TLR-1s I used in the Pistol Shoothouse class back in '15, albeit in a much tinier package.

The switchgear is upgraded as well. The rocker on the back can be tapped for on/off or push and hold to use it as a momentary. The crossbolt is still there to serve as a positive on-off.

These two upgrades transform the light from one that seemed kind of pointless into one that is a lot more viable. It's small enough that it adds no meaningful bulk to make concealed carry more challenging, the switchology is 30% less dumb, and it's bright enough to be reasonably useful. It's on the .357SIG compact to see how it responds to muzzle blast. I'll report back after I've got more than the one box of Speer GDHP warshots through the thing.

I would personally probably rather accept the challenges of carrying a regular WML, were I to decide to CCW a light-bearing gun again, but I wouldn't give someone side-eye for using this one, the way I would have the original.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Huck is debating whether he wants to fight the proffered pencil or not. Spoiler alert: Yes.

Shot with the Olympus Pen E-P1 and the excellent little Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens, which I heart rather a lot. It's a stupid good portrait lens for the price.
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