Saturday, Decemba 31, 2005

Da Crud

Been coughin' up mucus: Light Blogging

Tuesday, Decemba 20, 2005

5 Weirdest Habits

Well, tanks to Tam tryin' to give me somethin' new to talk about on here, I've gots stuck doin' anotha meme n' shit. So here goes da list of ma 5 weirdest habits:
  1. Whetha dat shit be chips or whateva dat usually has 'mo flavor on one side than da other, Ah has to eat da flavored side down, so thats it be facin' ma tongue, know what I'm sayin'? Dat way yo' ass get da full affect.
  2. Wheneva Ah go somewhere, Ah like to keep all ma stuff together, in one little pile, know what I'm sayin'? Ah cant stand fo somethin' to be across da room, thinkin' Ah be goin' to leave dat shit there or lose something, but at home Ah throw stuff everywhere.
  3. Like above, at work Ah like everythin' to be organized 'n in its place, but could care less at home.
  4. Soon as Ah get out of da shower, Ah has to hurry 'n pick ma hair out 'n put dat shit in a towel, Ah cant stand fo ma wet hair bein' on ma back, but if i has been swimmin' or somethin' , then dat shit doesnt botha me, know what I'm sayin'? Same goes fo muthas puttin' they shirt on while they back be still wet n' shit. Drives me nuts(Dont ask, these be supposed to be weird.)
  5. And at last, as Josh (Southparkpundit) stated, Ah also, "quote movie lines in conversation wheneva possible."

Retail World

Well, we has been sellin' guns at work like hot cakes n' shit. Ah worked at Guncraft fo a year before Coal Creek bought da place, 'n I've neva seen dat many guns get sold in one week, man. Like Tam said in ha blog, "Ah has been workin' in da firearms industry since Winta of '93, man. Coal Creek Armory be da fourth FFL Ah has worked for." And "On Friday, Decemba 16th, 2005, Ah saw 'mo guns sell in one day than Ah has on any otha day since Ah started doin' dis fo a living." Yo' ass know its pretty wack when yo' ass call in background checks so many times, dat da muthas at TBAh tell yo' ass about they UTI's, know what I'm sayin'? Who knew dis gun thin' would eva catch on?

Thursday, Decemba 08, 2005

Seven by Seven

Via Tam, da meme gots passed on to me, know what I'm sayin'? So mine goes as follows:

7 Things to do before Ah die
* skydive
* Get ova ma fear of spiders
* Build an AR-15 (got da uppa receiva already)
* Build a log cabin out in da country, just da way Ah want it
* Travel da world
* Get rich
* Go on one of Ted Nugent's huntin' expeditions

7 Things Ah cannot do
* Go anywhere near a spider
* Look at Michael Jackson
* Stand liars 'n thieves
* Pay 'n all much fo anything
* Not laugh at inappropriate times
* Be on time
* Orda food at a drive-thru,with ma son in da car, without laughin' (he mocks everythin' Ah order,word fo word, then some.)

7 Things dat attract me to da outdoors
* Can't build a safe bonfire in da house
* Fishin' in da bathtub gets boring
* Mom won't let me hunt da dog
* Lookin' up at da stars or feelin' da sun on ma face
* Not enough room in da house to ride a 4-wheela or motorcycle
* Try to shoot in da house, neighbors shoot back
* Goin' to da woods fo peace 'n quiet

7 Things Ah say most often
* Orientation to da range
* Stop (Talkin' to Chris)
* Leave dat alone ( Still tellin' him)
* Chris! Quit cussing
* Bloody Hell!
* Yo' ass can has a nice warm glass of shut da hell up!
* Right meow! ( Supa Troopers)

7 Books or series Ah love ( Dont has time to read 'n all much)
* Bible
* Stealth War
* James 'n da Giant Peach( Yea, 'n what?)
* Roseanne (T.V)
* Family Guy (T.V)
* Cheaters (T.V)
* Blind Date (T.V)

7 Movies Ah watch ova 'n ova again
* Friday
* Supa Troopers
* Scarface
* Office Space
* Dirty Dancing
* Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
* Boondock Saints

7 People Ah want to join in, too
* Dr, man. Strangegun

* Les Jones
* Alston ( Pea pressure)
* Xavia thoughts
* Mausa Girl
* Charge of Quarters

Sunday, Decemba 04, 2005

Kimba Compact CDP IAh .45

Ah tried to find a phat pic of ma carry gun , but dis be da best Ah can do fo now, til Ah get a digital camera n' shit. Dis be one Ah gots off Kimber's website.

423 587 6737