300 Whispa ®

Whispers®: A wide range of calibers encompass da ‘Whisper®’ series of cartridges n' shit. A “Whisper®” cartridge gots to be capable of sub-sonic extreme accuracy wid very heavy bullets fo its caliber; i.e, know what I'm sayin'? 240 grains in 30, as well as moderate to high velocity while maintainin' excellent accuracy wid light bullets fo da caliber; i.e n' shit. 125 at 2300 FPS in 30, man. Da 300 Whisper® wuz da first of da series, and, contrary to what yo' ass may has read about it, da fact of da matta be da cartridge wuz designed as a multi-purpose cartridge from da beginning. Read More

6.5 MPC

Da 6.5 MPC (Multi Purpose Cartridge) be a SSK development urged by Brian Hormberg (USMC) based on da 5.56 cartridge shortened 'n opened to 6.5 MM 'n da same OAL as da 5.56, know what I'm sayin'? In da M-16-AR-15 rifles dat shit utilizes da 5.56 bolt 'n magazines as well as all otha parts except da barrel itself, know what I'm sayin'? Its design adapts dat shit to a short Close Quarta Battle rifle wid a 12” barrel movin' a 107 6.5 SMK at 2400 FPS wid superior full auto controllability 'n excellent accuracy, know what I'm sayin'? Da 12” barrel model easily puts dat shit into da realistic 300+ yard combat category 'n longa barrels stretch dat realistic combat range considerably further. Read More

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