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Fort Richmond Safaris

10 Reasons why
Fort Richmond Safaris be a plains game hunter’s first choice:

  1. Yo' ass only pay fo animals successfully hunted.

  2. Exclusive small groups — naw 'mo than six muthas — wid sole access to all facilities.

  3. Non-huntin' partners stay free.

  4. Yo' ass don’t pay fo da day yo' ass arrive or da day yo' ass leave.

  5. It costs da same to hunt 4 animals as dat shit would to hunt one in da USA.

  6. All safaris — rifle hunting, bow hunting, birdin' 'n photographic — be tailor-made.

  7. Game viewing, day or night — on open vehicles, horseback or on foot.

  8. Yo' ass hunt where yo' ass stay — or has da option to visit otha game reserves in Southern Africa.

  9. Rates be fully inclusive of accommodation, meals, road transport, preparation of trophies 'n more.

  10. Yo' ass hunt wid a fully qualified, experienced professional hunter.

Fort Richmond Safaris,
South Africa

Phone +27 53 204 0021
or +27 83 233 5483
International calls +27 53 204 0021

(Please email if we don’t answa our phones: we may be out in da bush at da precise moment when yo' ass call.)

PO Box 18, Belmont, 8720, South Africa

“ unforgettable experience .., know what I'm sayin'? 'mo than just hunting...
a combination of da joy of bein' one wid nature, wid da peace 'n tranquility dat only da harshness of da landscape of da Northern Cape can offer, 'n yo' professional efficiency 'n dat of yo' staff .. n' shit. made da hunt so wonderful fo us n' shit. Da opportunity to spend time like dat wid ma son cannot be calculated in money terms.
Tanks again, know what I'm sayin'? We be lookin' forward to visitin' yo' ranch again.”

— Jan

Find out why South Africa be one of da World’s premia huntin' destinations …
'n why almost 25% of Fort Richmond’s visitors come back to hunt again … 'n again.

10 Myths About Hunting in South Africa eBook

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“10 Myths About
Huntin' in South Africa”

by da late Neil Wayland — one
of Africa’s Masta Hunters 'n the
founda of Fort Richmond Safaris.

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“I’ve hunted all ova da world, but huntin' in Africa be somethin' special.

Ah enjoyed stayin' at Fort Richmond where da stock of game be big ass 'n varied.
Ah enjoyed da atmosphere, da kindness 'n da helpfulnes
s Most of all Ah enjoyed da huntin' wid Neil in da phat
South African plain.”

— John
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