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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Funny stuff right thurr!

Readin' SouthParkPundit.Com, Ah came across one of tha dude's posts dat wuz pretty funny Yo' ass can translate yo' blog into different slangHeres what mine would look like if Ah had wrote in pimp talkBe sure to try yours out here.

Friday, February 17, 2006

On da agenda fo tonight

Well,Chris's B-day be sunday, hes turnin' 5 which means he'll start school dis year.Geez = ( .Anyways, da motorcross be comin' to Thompson Bolin' Arena, so Ah think Im gonna take tha dude's ass down there tonight fo tha dude's B-dayHe loved da Monsta Truck Jam dat came,so Ah think he'll mad like thisThere gots to probaly be a dirt bike in tha dude's future when tha dude sees dis tonightHe wuz kinda aggravated Ah didnt go out 'n get a monsta truck afta da last show.

Sometimes a reminders needed

Congress shall make naw law respectin' an establishment of religion, or prohibitin' da free exercise thereof; or abridgin' da freedom of speech, or of da press; or da right of da muthas peaceably to assemble, 'n to petition da Government fo a redress of grievances.— Da First Amendment to da U.SConstitution

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Yes,it be dat time of year again fo candy,cards,flowers, 'n bein' all lovey-dovey wid yo' other! But guys, dis year,brin' yo' schmoopie down to Coal Creek Armory today, 'n ladies shoot free,and guys shoot half price wid themIt makes fo a cheap dateAnd nothings 'mo romantic than puttin' some rounds down range.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stripped Lowers

Well,we gots in our new lowers Dat price be 'n all low to pass up, 'n dat shit would get me a little closa to gettin' ma AR builtAfta that, its just downhillMy guns' gonna be a mutt, be Ah think dat shit adds characterSo anyone buildin' one,should come down 'n scoop one up before theyre all gone, because thats a phat deal!

Bored Much?

Youre sittin' there at work, been answerin' questions on da phone about store hours, range prices, 'n da price of whateva gun someone just built in da head 'n wants dat shit ordered 'n be at da store by da next day,when da phone rings:
me-Coal Creek Armory
them-Yea,yall eva get any of dem AK's?
me-From time to time sir.
them- Yo' ass gots to has a gunpermit to get one?
me- Naw sir,just fill out a 4473 'n we call dat shit in.
them-What if yo' ass has a criminal record?
me-Well,(me guessin' its eitha a prank at dis point,or some idiot) Ah guess dat shit depends whats on it.
them-Just convicted of a couple of drive-bys.
me-Um,probaly not so much then *click*, they hang up.Glad to help sir.

Shootin in da Dark

Well,the day started out phat yesterday.Ah gots da stuff Ah needed to do done before work, gots to work early,which be mad phat fo me,and work wuz movin' at a steady pace.And *BAM* da powa goes out.We still has muthas out on da range at dis point, so Tam had to grab ha goggles,ears,and surefire 'n head out 'n get da muthas still out there shooting,to come back into da storeBut dat shit wuz interesting,we gots to try out our flashlights,and we still sold a couple of guns n' shit. Da powa came back on about an hour later, 'n da rest of da night ran smoothly.
Ah just gots ma Surefire G2 'n wuz pretty impressed wid itAh gots da OD Green one, but on they site dat shit looks yellow.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Belated Birthday Wishes

To anybody who hasnt already told Tam Happy Birthday,Tuesday wuz ha B-DayEven though Ah has already told her, Ah didnt get to blog dat shit til nowSo make sure to visit ha 'n tell ha a happy late b-day!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Todays Schedule

Well, Ah know postin' has been light, but Ah just havent been able to find time to get on hereSo much pressure to keep da readers happy! Well, Im off work today, 'n Da US Hot Rod Monsta Truck Jam be here(Redneck Heaven right there), so Im goin' to take Chris to dat shit tonightNot dat Ah get into huge jacked-up trucks*cough*, but Ah think he'll love it!
It be back to work tommorrow, 'n Im glad Ah gots some well-needed rest, because da way its been at work lately, Im sure it be gonna be slammedWe've had non-stop waitin' lists to get on da range.But not complaining, dat means Ah still get paid dis week, 'n dat wuz probaly not goin' out of business anytime soonWell, Ah has to get off here 'n get Chris A.K.A Spiderman, off da top of da fridgeOr Ah could hand tha dude's ass a dusta while he's up there 'n kill two birds wid one stone.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, Ah havent been postin' fo awhile, wid da feelin' all icky from a cold,but Ah hope everybody had a phat Christmas 'n a Happy New Years! Ah went out wid ma friends last night to cotton eyed joesPaid $15 to get in so Ah didnt has to stand in da line dat wuz wrapped around da building, gots ma shoes puked on by ma best friend,right in front of da bar( but dat shit wuz ha bday too,so Ah think tha byatch double dosed it),had to keep anotha homie out of a fight, 'n lata dat night had to pull ova so tha byatch could bark at da roadBut,besides dealin' wid da growlin' splash monkeys, 'n da not bein' able to walk without rubbin' elbows wid some drunk,hairy, Ron Jeremy in da 70's look-a-likes, Ah guess Ah had an alright timeAh think next year Ah might just stay home 'n watch da ball drop.Maybe ma New Years resolution should be figurin' out why Ah even continue to drag myself out to da places.

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