Tuesday, Decemba 20, 2005

Retail World

Well, we has been sellin' guns at work like hot cakes n' shit. Ah worked at Guncraft fo a year before Coal Creek bought da place, 'n I've neva seen dat many guns get sold in one week, man. Like Tam said in ha blog, "Ah has been workin' in da firearms industry since Winta of '93, know what I'm sayin'? Coal Creek Armory be da fourth FFL Ah has worked for." And "On Friday, Decemba 16th, 2005, Ah saw 'mo guns sell in one day than Ah has on any otha day since Ah started doin' dis fo a living." Yo' ass know its pretty wack when yo' ass call in background checks so many times, dat da muthas at TBAh tell yo' ass about they UTI's, know what I'm sayin'? Who knew dis gun thin' would eva catch on?


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Yo' ass all gettin' a Christmas bonus?

Generous employee discount?

New microwave in da break room?

All those 4473s slidin' across da desk--watch out fo papa cuts.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Tiffani said...

Hopefully wuz gettin' a new fridge,since ours died da otha day.
But,if da fridge thin' doesnt happen, Ah guess a raise or bonus would be ok.= p


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