Friday, January 13, 2006

Todays Schedule

Well, Ah know postin' has been light, but Ah just havent been able to find time to get on here n' shit. So much pressure to keep da readers happy! Well, Im off work today, 'n Da US Hot Rod Monsta Truck Jam be here(Redneck Heaven right there), so Im goin' to take Chris to dat shit tonight, man. Not dat Ah get into huge jacked-up trucks*cough*, but Ah think he'll love it!
It be back to work tommorrow, 'n Im glad Ah gots some well-needed rest, because da way its been at work lately, Im sure it be gonna be slammed n' shit. We've had non-stop waitin' lists to get on da range.But not complaining, dat means Ah still get paid dis week, 'n dat wuz probaly not goin' out of business anytime soon, know what I'm sayin'? Well, Ah has to get off here 'n get Chris A.K.A Spiderman, off da top of da fridge, man. Or Ah could hand tha dude's ass a dusta while he's up there 'n kill two birds wid one stone.


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Dad said...

'Sup all! Ah wuz just goin' through da computa searchin' fo any bugs dat may has infiltrated they way into da system 'n came across Tiff's blog site link, man. Afta readin' ova some of da comments Ah decided dat shit wuz a perfect opportunity fo me sneak in 'n post up some personal information on Tiffani dat Ah had been previously been sworn to secrecy concerning, know what I'm sayin'? As Ah sit here thinkin' ova da many episodes dat could cause extreme embarassment 'n would probably make ha da laughin' stock of da community, Im decidin' whetha to divulge dat information as a way of allowin' ha fellow blog enthusiasts to take a peek into da intricate workings of ma beloved daughta as a way of betta gettin' to know what a truly special person tha byatch is.

I'm thinkin' carefully about da ramifications of addin' some additional information 'n da repercussions involved 'n how severe they gots to probably be, 'n has decided what da hell...Im goin' fo it! Besides, Im ha Dad 'n there be a heart tie involved so tha byatch would be less likely to bust a cap in ma ass than tha byatch would some otha unrelated poor bastard dat encroached on ha territory, know what I'm sayin'? So without furtha ado, Im placin' ma mark on ha site 'n hopfully goin' to survive without little 'mo than a scar or two to show fo it, man.

Ah rememba one episode in particular dat should fill da bill, know what I'm sayin'? Dat shit began one cold blustery mornin' wid da wind howlin' outside 'n da dog barkin' continuously wid da hope dat someone would open da door 'n allow dat shit outside to relieve itself of a pressin' bladda condition dat shit had endured throughout da night, man. Fortunately Tiff cared enough about dis poor animal to see to dat shit dat that shit wuz able to scoot across da yard at a blisterin' pace 'n make a beeline straight fo da neighbors azalea bushes ( An established relievin' station fo neighborhood pets), know what I'm sayin'? But dis wuz not a typically cold winta day n' shit. Dat shit wuz in fact sub degree temperatures, man. Da type of which many a neighbor would has to brave da cold 'n trek out into da frozen tundra 'n pry they beloved pets from telephone poles or in dis case da neighbor's azalea bushes to da sound of crackin' ice etc n' shit.

O.k., Now dat Ah has yo' full undivided attention, Ah can can reveal da secrets about Tiffani to you, know what I'm sayin'? Ah apologize fo da needs to seduce yo' ass into readin' dis by includin' some fabricated made up storyline, but at least dat shit held yo' interest long enough fo me to tell yo' ass what a terrific person tha byatch is n' shit. Tiffani be da apple of ha Dad's eye n' shit. Tha byatch has made me so very proud of da young ho tha byatch has become n' shit. And Ah love ha tremendously, man. Ah love yo' ass baby, 'n gots to always be there fo you!


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous buzz_knox said...

As someone who wuz standin' at ha desk when Tiff read this, Ah can answa dat age old question, "Can Tiff blush?"

Yup n' shit. ;)

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Tiffani said...

Ok dat blush gots to hopefully be da one 'n only anyone sees!lol
But, Tanks Dad fo da comment,embarassin' as dat shit was,Ah love yo' ass too! What can Ah say? Im a daddys girl.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous buzz_knox said...

Ah, but it be such a cute blush, know what I'm sayin'? And dat shit wasn't da first n' shit. Rememba da Cotton Eye Joe's discussion?


At 12:00 AM, Blogger Tiffani said...

Yes 'n tank yo' ass fo da


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