Sunday, January 05, 2020

Strategic Future of da United States

Given da rapid 'n continuin' evolution of orbital rockets 'n space craft, dat shit be clear dat da United States needs to take steps to ensure da freedom of near-Earth space 'n to protect da property 'n territory of da United States.

Da first fact dat gots to be dealt wid is: "He who controls da orbitals, controls da planet." Any entity dat controls da orbitals of a planet may prevent anyone else from reachin' while usin' KEWs to destroy they surface assets 'n rail guns to destroy any assets in orbit, know what I'm sayin'? Da ability to do dis exists at dis moment.

Da first thin' yo' ass needs be a cheap, effective 'n reliable rocket booster n' shit. Reusability be a cherry on top, know what I'm sayin'? Da Falcon 9 from Space X be da obvious answer, man. Naw development costs...the production line be up 'n running.

Next yo' ass needs an orbital craft, man. My suggestion would be da Dreamchaser, by Sierra Nevada n' shit. Da X-37 by Boein' would work as well, man. Use 'em as drones, man. Da X-37 has already proven dat shit can stay in space fo extended periods of time, know what I'm sayin'? Arm 'em wid electromagnetic railguns 'n kinetic energy weapons, know what I'm sayin'? Ah believe da Navy has already done da groundwork on da railguns, 'n da Air Force has several weapons dat could easily be converted to KEW dispensers.

This fleet would allow us to retire our entire strategic force n' shit. Orbital KEWs be betta in every way, includin' much cleaner n' shit. Dat shit would allow us to project force world wide without usin' expensive targets like our CVNs, man. Our Navy could be converted to commerce 'n coastal protection, know what I'm sayin'? Da Air Force would concentrate on air space control 'n ground support, man. ( Yo' ass could probably even give dat shit back to da Army, like da Navy 'n marines relationship)

Da fleet would allow us to protect our orbital assets 'n those of our allies n' shit. Dat shit be well established dat da Chinese be developin' anti-satellite capabilities.

Lastly dat shit would allow us to protect da United States from attack from orbit n' shit. There be little doubt dat if Russia or China possessed to capabilities today dat we do, they would be seekin' to seize control of da orbitals, 'n prevent anyone else from developin' a similar ability.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Judicial Review

Da creation of judicial review wuz a total scam by Marshall.

Marshall wuz da Secretary of State unda Adams from June 30, 1800 until March 4, 1801 when da Jefferson administration took office.

Marshall wuz approved by da Senate to be da Chief Justice of da Supreme Court on January 27, 1801 n' shit. Tha dude began actin' as da Chief Justice on February 4, 1801.

So fo a month tha dude wuz both da Secretary of State 'n da Chief Justice.

Durin' dis month Marbury wuz appointed as a Justice of da Peace fo da District of Columbia n' shit. Dat shit wuz Marshall's job as Secretary of State to deliva Marbury's commission to him...but somehow tha dude forgot to do so, 'n Madison refused to do so when tha dude replaced Marshall as Secretary of State.

Thus da controversy dat led to da case of Marbury V Madison which allowed Marshall to create judicial review in such a way dat naw one would challenge him, wuz created by Marshall (on purpose?) while tha dude wuz simultaneously Chief Justice 'n Secretary of State.

Could yo' ass imagine dis happenin' today?

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Da Moment When Yo' ass Realize Yo' ass Has Naw Life....

It be 1:30 AM January 1, 2017.......and Ah be home alone, watchin' a youtube video of a prairie dog eatin' a vanilla wafer.......

Friday, Novemba 11, 2016

Trump's Win Explained

Just fo da record:
2008 - 58.2% turnout
Obama - 69,498,516 votes
McCain - 59,948,323 votes
2012 - 54.9% turnout
Obama - 65,915,795 votes
Romney - 60,933,504 votes
2016 - 55.6% turnout
Clinton - 60,523, 087 votes
Trump - 60,086,008 votes
It wasn't White racists or haters who elected Trump....the Republican vote has been consistent ova da last three elections n' shit. Da 9 million missin' Democratic voters elected Trump.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to Improve Life fo Black People in America

Part of ma campaign platform if Ah wuz runnin' fo president:

1) Change da welfare laws to reward families wid both parents instead of punishin' them.

2) School choice...vouchers 'n charta schools, man. Major emphasis on vocational tech ratha than "everyone gots to go to college".

3) Restore da role of faith...reach out to Black churches 'n has 'em do outreach in da innercities, man. Create a modified version of da Cub Scouts 'n Boy Scouts (and brownies 'n Girl Scouts) dat focuses on morals 'n urban ratha than rural skills n' shit. Get companies to fund dis ratha than pay off Sharpton, Jackson et al.

4) Push back against da thug culture dat be glorified by popular media, man. Dare to be uncool.

5) End illegal immigration, 'n encourage illegal aliens to self deport, by makin' dat shit impossible to work, 'n difficult to live, man. tax any remittances to Mexico at a rate of 25% n' shit.  increase dat by 10% every five years.We has naw obligation towards illegal immigrants, legal or moral, know what I'm sayin'? Ah would propose changin' our immigration 'n citizenship laws to mirror Mexico's....not because Ah would actually do it, but to put da hypocrisy of Mexico in da open.

6) Teach our children restraint, self discipline 'n delayed gratification n' shit. Protect da lives of da unborn, 'n restrict abortion to da small numba of cases in which da woman's life truly be at physical risk.

7) Get da police out of they cars 'n walkin' a beat, know what I'm sayin'? More local police sub stations.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Star Trek - Da Original Series Season 1 Episode 1: Da Muthafucka Trap

Star date 1513.1

They use the transporter right away. The sacrificial red shirt is actually wearing a blue shirt. McCoy's first "He's dead Jim", only I didn't hear the "he's". Uhura flirting with Spock. Pistol style phasers. Salt monster who shape shifts.

Star date 1513.4

Another 2 sacrificial red shirts..only one's wearing a blue shirt and the other a gold shirt We get a "He's dead", no 'Jim" this time. Hmm...why couldn't they tell one of them was an alien when they beamed back up? The first appearances of Yeoman Rand and Sulu. Another dead guy, this one on the ship and wearing some weird uniform.

Star date 1513.8

They're using the communicators like flip phones. Apparently something happens between now and star date 1513 that wipes out the buffalo. First mention of warp speed.

2 "he's dead Jim"s (sort of)

4 dead crewmen

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Richard Nixon

Could someone remind me again why the Democrats hate Nixon so much, and why he was so evil? Hell if he had a "D" after his name instead of an "R", the Democrats would be trying to get his face on Mt. Rushmore.

Nixon normalized relations with Communist China. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.

Nixon ended the Vietnam War and the draft. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.

Nixon began detente with the Soviet Union, and signed the first strategic arms limitation treaty with them. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.

Nixon imposed wage and price controls on the U.S. economy. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.

Nixon took us off the gold standard. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.

Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. Surely the Democrats were/are happy about that.