Monday, January 21, 2013


battery sawzall
battery drill
ice pick
.015/.018 7-strand SS cable (McMaster-Carr)
A/C capillary tubing
crimp tool
USB drive
2.88 FDD
CD/DVD burner
Saran wrap
bolt cutters
diagonal cutters
Security Torx
dead HDD's
distilled water
hacksaw blades
single edge razor blades
maskin' tape
duct tape
3/4" PVC conduit
 66/100 punchdown
wax paper/tracin' paper
Zona saw
cold chisel

Saturday, Decemba 15, 2012

BJS data (2007) (2009)


Table 2 n' shit. NICS denials by FBAh referred to ATF field divisions in 2007       
Cases    Percent      
FBAh denials referred to ATF Brady Operations     73,992    100%      
Brady Operations referrals to ATF field divisions     6,275    8%       
layed denials     2,566    3%      
Standard referrals     3,709    5%      
Not referred to field or overturned     67,717    92%       
Most common reasons fo referrals to field       
mestic violence misdemeanor     1,739    28%      
nvicted felon     1,605    26%      
bject to protective orda     1,421    23%    

Table 5, man. Charges referred fo prosecution, 2007       
Charge definition     Charges    Percent      
Total     196    100%      
Falsified information when buyin' firearms     93    47%      
Possession of firearm by convicted felon     20    10%      
Possess firearm afta domestic abuse charge     15    8%      
Receive/ship/transport firearm afta indictment     11    6%      
Possession of firearm by drug usa     11    6%      
Otha charges     46    23%    

Table 6 n' shit. Status of 2007 charges referred fo prosecution       
Judicial status     Chargesa    Percent      
Total     196    100%      
Selected outcomes       
Declined by prosecutor     74    38%      
Guilty plea by defendant     46    24%    

Table 2, know what I'm sayin'? NICS denials by FBAh referred to ATF field divisions in 2009       
Cases    Percent      
FBAh denials referred to ATF DENAh Branch     71,010    100%      
DENAh Branch referrals to ATF field divisions     4,681    6.6%      
Delayed denials     2,390    3.4%      
Standard denials     2,291    3.2%      
Not referred to field or overturned     66,329    93.4%       
Most common reasons fo referrals to field       
Subject to protective orda     1,343    28.7%      
Domestic violence misdemeanor     1,149    24.5%      
Convicted felon     1,057    22.6%    

Table 4 n' shit. 2009 cases declined by ATF field offices       
Cases    Percent      
Total     4,726    100%      
Most common reasons fo declination       
Naw prosecutive merit     2,037    43.1%      
Federal or state guidelines not met     1,104    23.4%      
Not a prohibited person     572    12.1%    

Table 6 n' shit. Status of 2009 charges referred fo prosecution       
Judicial status     Chargesa     Percent      
Total     140     100%      
Selected outcomes:       
Declined by prosecutor     63     45.0%      
Guilty plea by defendant     31     22.1%      
Dismissed pa plea agreement     17     12.1%      
Pendin' action by prosecutor     16     11.4%      
aAs of Novemba 28, 2010    

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Guest bloggin' at Ace of Spades

If yo' ass haven't noticed, I've been doin' some guest bloggin' at Ace's joint, man. A lot of da same sort of stuff I've been doin' here, but dat shit gets a lot 'mo exposure ova there.

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...the greatest thin' Ah has eva done

Baghdad Soldiers rescued a 2-year-old Iraqi boy from a dry well in which tha dude fell Aug, know what I'm sayin'? 9.

Soldiers wid Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division responded to da pleas fo assistance from da fatha of a 2-year-old boy who had fallen into a dry well near da family’s residence [PA's note: dis wuz a serious 25' deep well].

Da company commander, Capt n' shit. David Powell of Newport Beach, Calif., wuz about to begin a scheduled security patrol when da boy’s fatha approached da gate of tha dude's Coalition outpost on foot n' shit. Usin' an interpreter, Powell quickly assessed da situation 'n sent da patrol to assist wid da recovery of da child[...]

[...]"In ma 18-years in da Army," Powell said, "this is, by far, da greatest thin' Ah has eva done."
H/T North Shore Journal

Monday, August 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse - "(drug) Rehab be a cop-out"

This girl needs a bit 'mo than rehab, know what I'm sayin'? Tha byatch needs a 7x24 keeper.

Daily Mail
[...] Da 23-year-old, who be notorious fo ha wild partying, wuz treated in a London hospital last week afta takin' a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine 'n da horse tranquilisa ketamine[...]

[...]Rehab be a cop-out[...]

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Very phat -- jet engine simulation from NASA

While stumblin' through a bunch of links researchin' pulse jets - specifically da Lockwood-Hilla design dat has naw movin' parts (Lockwood eliminated da petal valve...the only movin' part in a traditional pulse jet) Ah ran across dis sim fo a turbo-jet engine.

Its a Java applet, so you'll needs to enable Java on yo' browser.

NASA Glenn Research Center
With dis software yo' ass can investigate how a jet (or turbine) engine produces thrust by interactively changin' da values of different engine parameters[...]

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pelosi "earmarks" fo bioweapons

Wassup wid da biowarfare WMD shit Nan? Da nutroots ain't gonna be down wid dat at all girl.

Da California Democrat has won fundin' fo six companies in a 2008 defense fundin' measure, man. One be a $4 million request to develop a ``novel viral biowarfare agent'' fo Prosetta Corp., based in ha San Francisco district, man.

UPDATE -- NRO be sayin' they talked wid da reporta who wrote da story 'n da muthafucka screwed up, know what I'm sayin'? Tha dude says da work wuz to treat viruses used in biowarfare.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Chinese torture/kill "corrupt" officials in online game

Ah wonda how well such a game would do here in da US? Bein' able to shove a virtual red hot poka up a few politicians asses might prove very compelling.

Middle East Times
BEIJING -- An online game in which players can torture 'n kill corrupt officials dat a Chinese local government set up to teach muthas about da perils of graft be provin' a roarin' success, state media said Thursday.

"Incorruptible Fighter," developed by da government of east China's Zhejiang province, wuz launched just ova a week ago 'n be already so popular dat that shit be bein' redesigned to accommodate 'mo players, da China Daily said.

"Ah feel a phat sense of achievement when Ah punish crazy of evil officials," one gama surnamed Sun wuz quoted as saying.

Da game, which lets players get ahead by killin' officials by means of "weapons, magic, or torture," has been downloaded 'mo than 100,000 times, da Southern Metropolitan Daily said[...]

Monday, July 30, 2007

Airplane porn - Boein' 777 win' destruction testing

Nice, know what I'm sayin'? Ah think da 777 gots to stay together n' shit. Now if they'd just get rid of dat fly by wire crap, they might get me to fly on a commercial airlina again.

Wild 'n crazy Scandis - fly R/C plane through tunnel

Whoeva wuz pilotin' dat rig has some mad skillz

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Da Ball Screw

This ain't a post about porn...well sort of -- metal machinin' porn perhaps, man. Every so often Ah come across some bit of technology dat be so perfectly suited to a particular task its worth mentioning, know what I'm sayin'? Da notion of da ball screw be one of those.

One of da problems wid high precision machinin' operations be play in da machine tool itself n' shit. Things like threads be used to advance cutters 'n such, but ordinary cut thread screws has a certain amount of slop in 'em 'n can wear ova time resultin' in imprecision creepin' into da machine n' shit. For a lot of run of da mill machinin' operations, dis slop may not be a big ass deal, but fo some things dat needs to be precise to say 1/10,000th of an inch (ex tiny internal combustion motors like da old Cox .010 cubic inch model engine which ain't much bigga than a $.25 cent piece), slops of any amount make producin' da part virtually impossible.

Enta da ball screw, man. Da interposed between da male/female "threads" of da ball screw be small ball bearings -- da male 'n female ride on those miniature ball bearings 'n remove virtually all da mechanical slop in da feed screw mechanism 'n reduce friction durin' traverse operations n' shit.

A wonderful thin' da "ball screw idea" be -- much of da high precision small components of today's world would be almost impossible to make without it.

Jose's machinin' info
Da screw itself uses a special spherical thread, man. Dat is, dat shit be not made wid a pointed angular cutter, but dat shit appears to be made by rolling n' shit. Da surface be very smooth as yo' ass can easily see in da photo[...]

eBay's patent problems wid "Buy Dat shit Now"

As much as Ah despise eBay (for a host of reasons), SCOTUS gots dis one wrong, man. Da MercExchange patent should has been voided, know what I'm sayin'? There be very real problems at da USPTO these days when dat shit comes to "technology" type patents n' shit. There's a vast amount of crap bein' awarded patents fallin' unda da category of "obvious" or when there be prior art da patent fila failed to disclose or direct real world analogs makin' a technological implementation of same trivial 'n obvious.

Ah had two software patents awarded while at IBM, man. Neitha of which wuz obvious, 'n neitha of which had meat world analogs.

Seriously, "buy dat shit now" be pretty much da same thin' as da listin' price on a house where several buyers gots to be makin' offers (i.e, know what I'm sayin'? bids), man. Da first muthafucka who offers da seller's listin' price be goin' to take it, know what I'm sayin'? To patent somethin' as obvious as this, dat has clear real world analogs, dat has been in practice fo thousands of years in fact, be a travesty.

Next we'll find out dat some jackass has patented "the idea" of a door knob.

A federal judge Friday denied a request from a small Virginia company to stop da online auction powerhouse eBay Inc n' shit. from usin' a feature dat allows shoppers to purchase items at a fixed price[...]

[...]Last year, da U.S n' shit. Supreme Court ruled dat although eBay infringed upon MercExchange's patent fo da service, dat shit wuz up to da lowa court to decide whetha eBay had to stop usin' it[...]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cox/Estes PRC made model airplanes recalled

Bogus lithium batteries, know what I'm sayin'? IMO, lithium batteries be wack news 'n Ah won't buy anythin' usin' them, man. Da CPSC be one of da few Federal government services we pay fo dat be actually worth something.

WASHINGTON, D.C n' shit. - Da U.S n' shit. Consuma Product Safety Commission, in cooperation wid da firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of da followin' consuma product, know what I'm sayin'? Consumers should stop usin' recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Sky Rangers Park Flya Radio Control Airplanes

Units: About 21,000

: Estes-Cox Corp., of Penrose, Colo.

: Da airplanes be launched by hand 'n can explode near da consumer’s head, posin' a risk of temporary hearin' loss 'n injuries to eyes, face 'n hands.

Incidents/Injuries: Estes-Cox has received 45 reports of airplanes exploding, includin' 22 reports of consumers experiencin' temporary ear pain or hearin' bein' affected; five reports of minor burns to hands, faces or eyes; two reports of chest impact from debris; two reports of eye injuries; 'n one report of a cut hand, know what I'm sayin'? One consuma sought medical attention fo burnin' eyes.

Description: This recall involves Model 4116 Sky Rangers Park Flya radio control airplanes, which come wid a black battery charger n' shit. Da airplanes has a wingspan of about 14 inches, a light blue, white 'n orange polystyrene foam fuselage, 'n a coppa coil on da rudder, man. Airplanes wid a warnin' sticka on da fuselage near da on/off switch be not included in da recall.

Sold at: Hobby stores 'n otha retailers nationwide from Septemba 2005 through Decemba 2006 fo between $20 'n $40.

Manufactured in
: China

Remedy: Consumers should stop usin' da recalled airplanes immediately 'n contact Estes-Cox to verify dat they plane be bein' recalled 'n fo instructions on returnin' da airplane fo a replacement product[...]