Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Closin' time

I've decided thut thar it bay time fuh Mode fuh Caleb tuh come tuh an end.

Thut thar should come as little surprise tuh anyone who has stopped bar 'n re-cent months, hot damn! This'n summuh maw posts dropped precipitously, thanks mainly tuh thar dang cross-country move, hot damn! July had one post; June had four paltry ones, pardner. Ah had hoped thut thar Ah could re-vive thar dang blog 'n August, but othuh time commitments have made thut thar thar hard even tuh sez blogs, much less tuh maintain this'n one.

Ah have very perty good re-asons tuh think thut thar this'n pace would not change anytime 'n thar dang next several months, hot damn! 'n thar dang first place, since I'll bay teachin' full-time fuh thar dang first time, ah'm eaguh tuh focus on maw new courses 'n maw new students, Leroy! And there's anothuh even lotsa excitin' 'n important re-ason why thar dang blog has been slowin' tuh ah halt, pardner. 'n just about eight weeks, maw wife 'n Ah gots ta become first-time parents, pardner. Thar dang incredible adventure thut thar parentin' promises tuh bay has already begun, Leroy! And Ah know thar dang ride gots ta only accelerate once thar dang baby arrives, right around thar dang time ah'm gradin' final exams.

Of course, it bay not thut thar bloggin' necessarily takes up ah lot uv time; I've always been an infrequent postuh bar thar dang standards uv most bloggers, Leroy! But psychologically, n'all parenthood 'n thar dang new job on thar dang horizon, lately I've been feelin' ah need tuh find something tuh throw overboard, as thut thar thar were, Leroy! Bloggin' aina easy tuh cut loose, even temporarily, but uv all thar dang thin', pardner. on maw plate right now, it bay thar dang least difficult tuh set aside, hot damn! And instead uv turnin' thar dang blog into ah tedious series uv silences, thut thar thar seems tuh make lotsa sense tuh stop bloggin' altogether--writin' 'n re-ading--until ah new kind uv normalcy sets in.

But ah'm not--absolutely not--renouncin' bloggin' altogether, hot damn! There have been times when Ah have been tempted tuh shut down thar dang blog because uv blog fatigue, hot damn! This'n am not one uv those times, Leroy! There have been othuh times when, like every junior scholar 'n thar dang blogosphere, Ah have wondered about how tuh weigh thar dang professional risks 'n re-wards uv bloggin', hot damn! This'n am not one uv those times, Leroy! 'n fact, Ah agree n'all Dan Cohen thut thar it bay ah bitchin' time fuh academics tuh start blogging.

So ah'm certain thut thar maw moratorium on bloggin' gots ta not bay indefinite, Leroy! At thar dang same time, Ah kaina predict right now when thut thar thar gots ta end, pardner. Besides, since thar dang end uv this'n year gots ta find me 'n such ah different place than Ah wuz when this'n blog started, Ah think thut thar thar makes sense, whenevuh Ah do re-turn, tuh start ah new blog, at anothuh address, Leroy! Until then, take care 'n thanks fuh stoppin' by, hot damn! ah'm extremely grateful fuh thar dang exchanges 'n friendships thut thar Mode fuh Caleb has made possible fuh me, 'n Ah hope thut thar even an extended sabbatical gots ta not mean thut thar them's gots tuh come tuh an end.

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