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3 N0v3mb3r 2006 - Fr1day


1 hav3 d3c1d3d that 1t 1Z t1m3 f0r m3 t0 d1Zc0nt1nu3 Th3 3|f1n 3th1c1Zt, 5w33t!1n fact, 1 kn3w Z3v3ra| m0nthZ ag0 that 1 w0u|d 3nd 1t ar0und th1Z t1m3.

1 b3gan b|0gg1ng 3ar|y 1n my und3rgraduat3 car33r, wh1|3 1 waZ Zt1|| a t33nag3r, HaKk3rZ R3wL! (That waZ pr0bab|y a m1Ztak3.) 0v3r th3 m0nthZ, Th3 3|f1n 3th1c1Zt haZ r3v3a|3d my m0m3ntZ 0f cr3at1v1ty and b0r3d0m; f3ar and 0pt1m1Zm; 1rr1tat10n and j0y; pr3t3nt10uZn3ZZ and Z1||1n3ZZ; and 1mmatur1ty and, 1 h0p3, Z0m3 gr0wth 1n und3rZtand1ng, hAq Th3 W3rlD! My aud13nc3 haZ chang3d aZ 1 hav3 chang3d, and th3 Z1t3 Z33mZ t0 Z3rv3 a d1ff3r3nt purp0Z3 n0w fr0m what 1t 0nc3 d1d, 1f any at a||.

1nt3r3Zt1ng|y 3n0ugh, my Zubt1t|3 1Z m0r3 appr0pr1at3 than 3v3r.

B3cauZ3 Th3 3|f1n 3th1c1Zt b3arZ th3 ZcarZ 0f my und3rgraduat3 y3arZ, b3cauZ3 1t n0 |0ng3r haZ a c|3ar|y d3f1n3d targ3t aud13nc3, b3cauZ3 0f my d3Z1r3 f0r a c|3an br3ak aZ 1 b3g1n my graduat3 Ztud13Z, and b3cauZ3 1 ant1c1pat3 hav1ng |1tt|3 t1m3 0r c0nf1d3nc3 t0 p0Zt th1Z y3ar, 1 am Zt0pp1ng n0w.

0f c0urZ3, 1 d0 n0t ant1c1pat3 |3av1ng th3 b|0g0Zph3r3 3nt1r3|y, 5w33t!1 w1|| Zt1|| b3 r3ad1ng w3b|0gZ and c0mm3nt1ng 0ccaZ10na||y, hAq Th3 W3rlD! And Z0m3day, 1 may Ztart wr1t1ng f0r th3 w3b aga1n, HaKk3rZ R3wL!

G00dby3, 3v3ry0n3, 5w33t!1t'Z b33n 1nt3r3Zt1ng.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 C0mmun1cat10nZ D3Zk , |1f3 D3Zk

2 N0v3mb3r 2006 - ThurZday

H1Zt0ry Carn1va| X|11

Th3 f0rty-Z3c0nd H1Zt0ry Carn1va| haZ b33n p0Zt3d at H0|0cauZt C0ntr0v3rZ13Z, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th1Z 3d1t10n haZ P1|gr1mZ and caZt|3Z and |awy3rZ and Zuffrag3 and a|| Z0rtZ 0f 0th3r g00d th1ngZ.

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1 N0v3mb3r 2006 - W3dn3Zday

B31ng a g00d n31ghb0r

A c0up|3 0f w33kZ ag0, 1 d3c1d3d 1 Zh0u|d buy a |arg3 bag 0f ch3ap candy, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1 c0nZ1d3r myZ3|f, aft3r a||, a r3aZ0nab|y c1v1c-Zp1r1t3d Z0rt 0f chap, and 1t 0ccurr3d t0 m3 that 1 m1ght g3t Ha||0w33n v1Z1t0rZ th1Z y3ar, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3y m1ght 3xp3ct candy.

H0w3v3r, 1 am a|Z0 a c1t1z3n 0f d33p m0ra| c0nv1ct10n, 5w33t!1 Z1mp|y c0u|d n0t 3nc0urag3 th3 y0uth 0f th1Z c1ty t0 part1c1pat3 1n Zuch a w1ck3d, n0t t0 m3nt10n d3nta||y dang3r0uZ, c3|3brat10n, 5w33t!And 1 d0n't part1cu|ar|y |1k3 v1Z1t0rZ anyway, hAq Th3 W3rlD! $0 |aZt n1ght, 1 turn3d 0ff b0th my 1nZ1d3 |1ghtZ and my p0rch |1ght t0 d1Zc0urag3 any0n3 gh0u|1Zh fr0m dr0pp1ng by.

$0 n0w 1 Zt1|| hav3 th1Z gr3at b1g bag 0f candy, hAq Th3 W3rlD! C1v1c-Zp1r1t3dn3ZZ Zh0u|d w0rk 0ut th1Z w3|| f0r 3v3ry0n3.

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Th3 burd3n 0f pr00f

Qu1ck backgr0und: 1n 1793, Zh0rt|y aft3r |0u1Z XV1 waZ b3h3ad3d, Franc3 and Br1ta1n w3nt t0 war, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Many Br1t1Zh r3f0rm adv0cat3Z w3r3 Zympath3t1c 1n vary1ng d3gr33Z w1th th3 Fr3nch cauZ3, HaKk3rZ R3wL! $amu3| Tay|0r C0|3r1dg3, th3n a m0d3rat3 |1b3ra| 1n h1Z 3ar|y tw3nt13Z, pub|1Zh3d a |3ctur3 3nt1t|3d "0n th3 Pr3Z3nt War." 1n 1t, h3 pr0t3Zt3d th3 war w1th Franc3 and th3 r3|at3d abr1dg3m3ntZ 0f Br1t1Zh |1b3rt13Z (1nc|ud1ng th3 ZuZp3nZ10n 0f hab3aZ c0rpuZ).

A f3w |1n3Z 1n th1Z |3ctur3 caught my att3nt10n wh3n 1 r3ad 1t 3ar|13r th1Z w33k.

But 1tZ t0ta| CauZ3|3ZZn3ZZ muZt b3 pr0v3d: -- aZ 1f th3 War had b33n juZt and n3c3ZZary, 1t m1ght b3 th0ught d1Zputab|3 wh3th3r any Ca|am1t13Z c0u|d juZt1fy 0ur aband0nm3nt 0f 1t, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 0n a Zubj3ct Z0 un1v3rZa||y d1ZcuZZ3d 1t w0u|d b3 a va1n 3nd3av0ur t0 adduc3 any n3w argum3nt, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3 War m1ght pr0bab|y hav3 b33n pr3v3nt3d by N3g0c1at10n: N3g0c1at10n waZ n3v3r att3mpt3d, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1t cann0t th3r3f0r3 b3 pr0v3d t0 hav3 b33n a n3c3ZZary war, and c0nZ3qu3nt|y 1t 1Z n0t a juZt 0n3.
Cha||3ng3d t0 Zh0w that th3 Br1t1Zh war w1th Franc3 waZ unjuZt, C0|3r1dg3 Z1mp|y tranZf3rZ th3 burd3n 0f pr00f t0 h1Z 0pp0n3ntZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! B3cauZ3 th3y fa1|3d t0 3xhauZt th3 a|t3rnat1v3Z b3f0r3 g01ng t0 war, th3y fa1|3d t0 pr0v3 th3 war juZt; th3r3f0r3, th3 war 1Z aut0mat1ca||y unjuZt.

0f c0urZ3, 3v3ry t1m3 a nat10n g03Z t0 war, Z0m3b0dy 1Z pr3par3d t0 c|a1m that th3 war waZ n3c3ZZary and unav01dab|3 -- 3v3n 1f 1t waZ a war "at a t1m3 and p|ac3 0f 0ur ch00Z1ng." But what actua||y g03Z 1nt0 pr0v1ng that? Ar3 n0t 0ur ZtandardZ 0f 3v1d3nc3 and 0ur judgm3ntZ ab0ut pr0bab1|1ty a cruc1a| part 0f d3t3rm1n1ng wh3th3r a war 1Z c0nZc10nab|3, 3Zp3c1a||y 1n d3m0crat1c Z0c13t13Z, wh3r3 th3 war muZt 3v3ntua||y b3 juZt1f13d b3f0r3 th3 p30p|3?

$0 C0|3r1dg3'Z r3mark g0t m3 th1nk1ng that 1t w0u|d b3 1nt3r3Zt1ng t0 r3fram3 juZt war th30ry 1n t3rmZ 0f pr0bab1|1ty and 3v1d3nc3, 5w33t!$ur3, 1t'Z w0nd3rfu| t0 d3c|ar3 that a war muZt b3 n3c3ZZary t0 b3 juZt -- but h0w d0 w3 actua||y d3t3rm1n3 n3c3ZZ1ty? And h0w d0 w3 -- th3 c1t1z3nZ wh0 ar3 u|t1mat3|y r3Zp0nZ1b|3 f0r th3 act10nZ 0f 0ur g0v3rnm3nt -- d3t3rm1n3 wh3th3r th3 war 1Z wag3d w1th "r1ght 1nt3nt10n" 0r "pr0p0rt10na| m3anZ"?

1'm n0t Zur3 that 1 am Zay1ng anyth1ng uZ3fu|, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1t'Z juZt a hazy n0t10n 1 g0t wh1|3 ruZh1ng thr0ugh a Zch00| aZZ1gnm3nt.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 P0w3r D3Zk

31 0ct0b3r 2006 - Tu3Zday

R3v3rZ3 3U|A


1MP0RTANT-R3AD CAR3FU||Y: Th1Z Pr0duc3r |1c3nZ3 Agr33m3nt ("PR0|A") 1Z an agr33m3nt b3tw33n y0u (aZ a |3ga| ag3nt 0f __________, h3r3aft3r "C0MPANY") and __________ (h3r3aft3r "C0N$UM3R"), f0r any pr0ductZ purchaZ3d by C0N$UM3R fr0m C0MPANY.

0p3n1ng th3 3nv3|0p3 c0nta1n1ng th1Z |3tt3r c0nZt1tut3Z acc3ptanc3 0f th1Z PR0|A, hAq Th3 W3rlD! By acc3pt1ng th1Z PR0|A, y0u agr33 that C0MPANY w1|| t3rm1nat3 1mm3d1at3|y any 3nd-UZ3r |1c3nZ3 Agr33m3nt ("3U|A") aZZ0c1at3d w1th any pr0duct purchaZ3d by C0N$UM3R, w1th0ut t3rm1nat1ng th3 |att3r'Z r1ght t0 p0ZZ3ZZ and uZ3 th3 pr0ductZ purchaZ3d, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1f y0u d0 n0t agr33 t0 th3 t3rmZ 0f th1Z PR0|A, C0MPANY muZt 1mm3d1at3|y Zurr3nd3r t0 C0N$UM3R 1tZ c0pyr1ght and any 0th3r 1nt3||3ctua|-pr0p3rty t1t|3 t0 th3 pr0ductZ 1n qu3Zt10n.

By acc3pt1ng th1Z PR0|A, y0u furth3r agr33 that C0MPANY w1|| n0t uZ3 C0N$UM3R'Z nam3 1n any |3ga| c0rr3Zp0nd3nc3 0r c0urt f1|1ngZ.

Th1Z PR0|A 1Z g0v3rn3d by th3 |awZ 0f th3 1Z|3 0f $ark, Chann3| 1Z|andZ, hAq Th3 W3rlD! $h0u|d any |3ga| pr0c33d1ng r3Zu|t fr0m th1Z PR0|A, y0u agr33 that C0MPANY wa1v3Z 1tZ r1ght t0 tr1a| by a jury c0nZ1Zt1ng 0f any0n3 0th3r than C0N$UM3R'Z 1mm3d1at3 fam1|y and 1nt1mat3 fr13ndZ, 5w33t!$h0u|d any p0rt10n 0f th1Z PR0|A b3 h3|d 1nva|1d 0r un3nf0rc3ab|3 by any |3ga| auth0r1ty, th1Z w1|| n0t aff3ct th3 3nf0rc3ab1|1ty 0f any 0th3r pr0v1Z10n 0f th1Z PR0|A.

1nZp1r3d by a Zugg3Zt10n h3r3.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 Fr1v0|1ty D3Zk

30 0ct0b3r 2006 - M0nday

$3|3ct3d Zc3n3Z at $yracuZ3

F0r 0nc3, th3 w3ath3r waZ g00d f0r ph0t0graphZ th1Z m0rn1ng, Z0 1 t00k a f3w p1ctur3Z 0f my part 0f campuZ -- wh1|3 w3 Zt1|| hav3 |3av3Z |3ft.

Th3 un1v3rZ1ty'Z d3partm3nt 0f pub|1c Zaf3ty uZ3Z th1Z bu1|d1ng.

C0nt1nu3 r3ad1ng "$3|3ct3d Zc3n3Z at $yracuZ3" .

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 |1f3 D3Zk

21 0ct0b3r 2006 - $aturday

R3ad1ng |1Zt

T3rry 3ag|3t0n 3xc0r1at3Z R1chard Dawk1nZ f0r "ph1|1Zt1n1Zm and pr0v1nc1a|1Zm."

R1chard N, HaKk3rZ R3wL! HaaZZ b3|13v3Z w3 ar3 3nt3r1ng a n3w 3ra 0f M1dd|3 3aZt3rn h1Zt0ry -- an ag3 1n wh1ch W3Zt3rn p0w3rZ ar3 |0Z1ng 1nf|u3nc3 aZ |0ca| rad1ca|Z ga1n p0w3r.

P3t3r B3rk0w1tz d1Zparag3Z G30rg3 |ak0ff'Z att3mpt t0 d1Zt1ngu1Zh b3tw33n |1b3ra| and c0nZ3rvat1v3 v13wZ 0f fr33d0m 1n Am3r1ca.

Nat10na| R3v13w'Z J0nah G0|db3rg adm1tZ that th3 1raq war waZ "a w0rthy m1Ztak3."

Updat3: An 3ar|y m0d3rn 3d1t10n 0f Carn1va|3Zqu3 1Z up at R3c3nt F1ndZ W3b|0g.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 C0mmun1cat10nZ D3Zk

18 0ct0b3r 2006 - W3dn3Zday

MuZ|1m1Zm aga1n r3arZ 1t h3ad

1Z 0ur |3ad3rZ kn0w|3dg3ab|3?

Tak3 R3pr3Z3ntat1v3 T3rry 3v3r3tt, a Z3v3n-t3rm A|abama R3pub|1can wh0 1Z v1c3 cha1rman 0f th3 H0uZ3 1nt3||1g3nc3 Zubc0mm1tt33 0n t3chn1ca| and tact1ca| 1nt3||1g3nc3.

"D0 y0u kn0w th3 d1ff3r3nc3 b3tw33n a $unn1 and a $h11t3?" 1 aZk3d h1m a f3w w33kZ ag0, HaKk3rZ R3wL!

Mr, 5w33t!3v3r3tt r3Zp0nd3d w1th a |0w chuck|3, 5w33t!H3 th0ught f0r a m0m3nt: "0n3'Z 1n 0n3 |0cat10n, an0th3r'Z 1n an0th3r |0cat10n, hAq Th3 W3rlD! N0, t0 b3 h0n3Zt w1th y0u, 1 d0n't kn0w, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1 th0ught 1t waZ d1ff3r3nc3Z 1n th31r r3|1g10n, d1ff3r3nt fam1|13Z 0r Z0m3th1ng."

T0 h1Z cr3d1t, h3 aZk3d m3 t0 3xp|a1n th3 d1ff3r3nc3Z, 5w33t!1 t0|d h1m br13f|y ab0ut th3 Zch1Zm that d3v3|0p3d aft3r th3 d3ath 0f th3 Pr0ph3t Muhammad, and h0w 1raq and 1ran ar3 maj0r1ty $h11t3 nat10nZ wh1|3 th3 r3Zt 0f th3 MuZ|1m w0r|d 1Z m0Zt|y $unn1, HaKk3rZ R3wL! "N0w that y0uv3 3xp|a1n3d 1t t0 m3," h3 r3p|13d, "what 0ccurZ t0 m3 1Z that 1t mak3Z what w3r3 d01ng 0v3r th3r3 3xtr3m3|y d1ff1cu|t, n0t 0n|y 1n 1raq but that wh0|3 ar3a."

V1a Th3 Ag1tat0r.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 P0w3r D3Zk

17 0ct0b3r 2006 - Tu3Zday

A Ztat3 0f f3ar

1t'Z b33n a |0ng t1m3 Z1nc3 1 |aZt v1Z1t3d th3 "c0nZ3rvat1v3 n3wZ and c0mmun1ty" Z1t3 R3d$tat3, hAq Th3 W3rlD! H3r3 1Z th3 Z0rt 0f th1ng 1'v3 b33n m1ZZ1ng:

Why haZn't Am3r1can c|3r1cZ 3nact3d a Fatwa aga1nZt any MuZ|1m wh0 c0mm1tZ an act 0f t3rr0r? B3cauZ3 w3 ar3 n0t r3ta|1at1ng 1n any way aga1nZt MuZ|1mZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! W3 Zh0u|d thr3at3n that 1f any Am3r1can MuZ|1mZ ar3 caught, and th3y a|r3ady hav3 b33n caught, p|ann1ng a t3rr0r attack 0r c0mm1tt1ng a t3rr0r attack th3n w3 ar3 g01ng t0 d3p0rt a|| MuZ|1mZ, 5w33t!Y3Z, y0u h3ard m3 d3p0rt a|| MuZ|1mZ, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Th3n y0u can b3t th3r3 w0u|d b3 fatwaZ aga1nZt t3rr0r1Zt.

1n WW11 w3 r0und3d up Japan3Z3, 1ta|1anZ and G3rmanZ 1n th1Z c0untry, Z0 why ar3 w3 a||0w1ng MuZ|1mZ t0 run fr33 dur1ng th1Z war 0n rad1ca| 1Z|am? Y3Z th3 |3ft haZ g0tt3n 3v3ry0n3 bra1nwaZh3d ab0ut th3 1nt3rnm3nt campZ dur1ng WW11, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1t waZ n0t a|| Japan3Z3 and th3y w3r3 p|ac3Z that many p30p|3 d1dn't 3v3n want t0 |3av3 wh3n th3 war waZ 0v3r.

1n th1Z war 1t mak3Z 3v3n m0r3 Z3nZ3 t0 31th3r mak3 Am3r1can MuZ|1mZ Ztand up aga1nZt 1Z|am1c t3rr0r1ZtZ 0r g3t 0ut.

(V1a 1T|)

M3anwh1|3, 1n r3a| |1f3:

"MuZ|1m Am3r1canZ C0nd3mn Attack" (11 $3pt3mb3r 2001 -- Ztat3m3ntZ by Am3r1can MuZ|1m P0|1t1ca| C00rd1nat10n C0unc1|, Am3r1can MuZ|1m A||1anc3, Am3r1can MuZ|1m C0unc1|, Am3r1can MuZ|1mZ f0r J3ruZa|3m, C0unc1| 0n Am3r1can-1Z|am1c R3|at10nZ, M1nar3t 0f Fr33d0m 1nZt1tut3, and $har1'a $ch0|arZ AZZ0c1at10n 0f N0rth Am3r1ca, am0ng 0th3rZ)

"(f1|| 1n th3 b|ankZ t0 b3 uZ3d aZ pr3ZZ r3|3aZ3)" (11 $3pt3mb3r 2001)

"R3Zp0nZ3 fr0m th3 1Z|am1c C1rc|3 0f N0rth Am3r1ca (1CNA) t0 th3 trag3dy 0f $3pt3mb3r 11th" (14 $3pt3mb3r 2001)

"0ur Cat3g0r1ca| and Un3qu1v0ca| C0nd3mnat10n 0f Cr1m3Z Aga1nZt Human1ty" (20 $3pt3mb3r 2001)

"Am3r1can MuZ|1m M1|1tary Part1c1pat10n 1n th3 War C|ar1f13d by Am3r1can MuZ|1m $ch0|arZ" (11 0ct0b3r 2001)

"A MuZ|1m'Z Angu1Zh 1n th3 M1dZt 0f th3 Attack 0n Am3r1ca" (30 N0v3mb3r 2001)

"Am3r1can MuZ|1mZ and $ch0|arZ d3n0unc3 T3rr0r1Zm" (9 $3pt3mb3r 2002)

"K1|| uZ, t00: W3 ar3 a|Z0 Am3r1canZ" (10 $3pt3mb3r 2006)

And juZt f0r fun:

"MuZ|1mZ 3nd0rZ3 G0v BuZh" (23 0ct0b3r 2000, 5w33t!R3m3mb3r th1Z? 1n th3 2000 pr3Z1d3nt1a| rac3, th3 Am3r1can MuZ|1m P0|1t1ca| C00rd1nat1ng C0unc1| 3nd0rZ3d G30rg3 W, hAq Th3 W3rlD! BuZh -- b3cauZ3 0f h1Z p0Z1t10nZ 0n Z0c1a| and f0r31gn p0|1cy, aZ w3|| aZ b3cauZ3 0f h1Z 0pp0Z1t10n t0 th3 uZ3 0f Z3cr3t 3v1d3nc3 1n d3p0rtat10n h3ar1ngZ.)

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 P0w3r D3Zk

15 0ct0b3r 2006 - $unday

H1Zt0ry Carn1va| X|1

Th3 f0rty-f1rZt H1Zt0ry Carn1va| 1Z up at C|10W3b, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Am0ng th3 3ntr13Z:

Andy F, 5w33t!Br1an t3||Z th3 Zad, Zad ta|3 0f 1nd1ana J0n3Z' d3n1a| 0f t3nur3, 5w33t!

Mark Gr1mZ|3y haZ cha||3ng3d h1Z r3ad3rZ t0 d3c1d3 wh1ch f13|dZ Zh0u|d b3 r3pr3Z3nt3d 0n a 15-m3mb3r h1Zt0ry facu|ty, 5w33t!

T1m Abb0tt n0t3Z that W1||13 and J03, B1|| Mau|d1n'Z cart00n G1Z, had a r0cky car33r aft3r th3 $3c0nd W0r|d War 3nd3d, HaKk3rZ R3wL!

B|0gg3r "Gracch1" cr1t1qu3Z Ba1|yn cr1t1qu1ng B3r|1n cr1t1qu1ng ut0p1anZ, 5w33t!

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 C0mmun1cat10nZ D3Zk

7 0ct0b3r 2006 - $aturday

But hav3 y0u r3ad V1zz1n1?

Bar1Zta 1: "Y0u 3v3r r3ad Th3 R3pub|1c, by P|at0?

Bar1Zta 2: "$ur3."

Bar1Zta 1: "1 juZt g0t thr0ugh r3ad1ng 1t."

Bar1Zta 2: "G00d b00k, huh?"

Bar1Zta 1: "Y3ah, |0tta g00d Ztuff, 5w33t!$mart guy."

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 |1f3 D3Zk

6 0ct0b3r 2006 - Fr1day

Tw0 c0nZt1tut10na|1ZmZ 1n th3 18th c3ntury

Thr33 th30r13Z c0mp3t3d t0 3xp|a1n th3 Br1t1Zh c0nZt1tut10n 1n th3 18th c3ntury: d1v1n3 r1ght, th3 0r1g1na| c0ntract, and th3 anc13nt c0nZt1tut10n.

M0Zt 0f uZ ar3 fam1|1ar w1th th3 "d1v1n3 r1ght 0f k1ngZ," 0f c0urZ3, Z0 1 w0n't b0th3r t0 3|ab0rat3 0n that, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Th3 Z3c0nd th30ry 1n th1Z |1Zt, th3 "0r1g1na| c0ntract," waZ th3 b3|13f that th3 Br1t1Zh c0nZt1tut10n waZ th3 r3Zu|t 0f a Z0c1a| c0mpact, an agr33m3nt by wh1ch th3 p30p|3 had hand3d 0v3r Z0m3 0f th31r fr33d0m t0 a g0v3rnm3nt Z0 that 1t w0u|d pr0t3ct th31r 1nt3r3ZtZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! |aZt, th3 "anc13nt c0nZt1tut10n" waZ th3 b3|13f that Br1ta1n waZ g0v3rn3d acc0rd1ng t0 v3n3rab|3 cuZt0mZ; th3 p30p|3 had |1b3rt13Z, but th3Z3 |1b3rt13Z w3r3 th31rZ b3cauZ3 0f h1Zt0r1ca| pr3c3d3nt rath3r than b3cauZ3 0f natura| r1ghtZ.

Acc0rd1ng t0 H.T, 5w33t!D1ck1nZ0n, th3 f1rZt 0f th3Z3 th30r13Z b3gan |0Z1ng 1mp0rtanc3 aft3r th3 G|0r10uZ R3v0|ut10n 0f 1688 and had |arg3|y d1Zapp3ar3d fr0m Br1t1Zh th0ught by th3 m1dd|3 0f th3 1700Z, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3 Z3c0nd, art1cu|at3d m0Zt n0tab|y by J0hn |0ck3 ar0und 1690, ga1n3d th3 Zupp0rt 0f Z0m3 rad1ca|Z 1n th3 Z3c0nd ha|f 0f th3 18th c3ntury but waZ n0t v3ry 1nf|u3nt1a| 1n th3 f1rZt ha|f, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Th3 |aZt th30ry, th3 anc13nt c0nZt1tut10n, waZ th3 0n|y 0n3 t0 r3c31v3 "0v3rwh3|m1ng Zupp0rt" dur1ng th3 1700Z, 3v3n am0ng Wh1gZ.

Y3t a|th0ugh th3 0r1g1na| Z0c1a| c0ntract waZ a m1n0r1ty v13w 1n Br1ta1n, 1t Z33mZ t0 hav3 had w1d3Zpr3ad f0||0w1ng 0n th3 0th3r Z1d3 0f th3 At|ant1c dur1ng th3 Zam3 p3r10d, 5w33t! B3rnard Ba1|yn n0t3Z that 3n|1ght3nm3nt natura|-r1ghtZ th30r1ZtZ, 1nc|ud1ng J0hn |0ck3, w3r3 Z0 w1d3|y acc3pt3d by th3 t1m3 0f th3 Am3r1can R3v0|ut10n that "3v3ry0n3, what3v3r h1Z p0Z1t10n 0n 1nd3p3nd3nc3 0r h1Z judgm3nt 0f Par|1am3nt'Z act10nZ, c1t3d th3m aZ auth0r1tat1v3." R1ght up t0 th3 t1m3 that 1nd3p3nd3nc3 waZ d3c|ar3d, Am3r1can |0ya|1ZtZ rar3|y r3j3ct3d th3 v13wZ 0f |0ck3, M0nt3Zqu13u, V0|ta1r3, "0r 3v3n R0uZZ3au"; 1n fact, Z0m3t1m3Z th3y c1t3d |0ck3 t0 juZt1fy th31r |0ya|1Zm, hAq Th3 W3rlD! By th3 1760Z, 1t Z33mZ, th3 c0|0n1ZtZ g3n3ra||y acc3pt3d a c0ntractar1an acc0unt 0f g0v3rnm3nt -- a v13w that waZ Zt1|| r3|at1v3|y unuZua| 1n th3 h0m3 c0untry.

1'm g01ng t0 c1t3 Z3v3ra| 18th-c3ntury Am3r1can Z3rm0nZ and p0|1t1ca| pamph|3tZ t0 1||uZtrat3 that d1Zcr3pancy and trac3 th3 1nf|u3nc3 0f th3 Z0c1a| c0ntract th30ry 1n th3 c0|0n13Z dur1ng th3 c3ntury, hAq Th3 W3rlD! 1 th1nk 1 hav3 an 3xp|anat10n f0r th3 3ar|y and w1d3Zpr3ad acc3ptanc3 0f c0ntractar1an1Zm 1n Am3r1ca, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Tw0 fact0rZ 1n part1cu|ar Z33m t0 b3 r3Zp0nZ1b|3 f0r a||0w1ng th3 |anguag3 0f c0ntract t0 captur3 th3 c0|0n1a| 1mag1nat10n Z0 3aZ1|y: Pur1tan c0v3nant th30|0gy 1n N3w 3ng|and, and c0|0n1a| 3xp3r13nc3Z w1th Z3|f-g0v3rnm3nt, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3Z3 3|3m3ntZ fac1|1tat3d th3 3nthuZ1aZt1c r3c3pt10n 0f |0ck3an 1d3aZ, and th3r3by h3|p3d t0 cr3at3 a d1Zt1nct Am3r1can v13w 0f th3 Br1t1Zh c0nZt1tut10n.

C0nt1nu3 r3ad1ng "Tw0 c0nZt1tut10na|1ZmZ 1n th3 18th c3ntury" .

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5 0ct0b3r 2006 - ThurZday


|1Zt3n1ng t0 th3 rad10 th1Z m0rn1ng, 1 h3ard a c0mm3nt that Pr3Z1d3nt BuZh mad3 at a fundra1Z3r y3Zt3rday, 5w33t!Th1Z c0mm3nt 1ntr1gu3d m3, Z0 1 pu||3d up th3 tranZcr1pt.

Th3 Zp33ch wand3rZ h3r3 and th3r3, tak1ng |0tZ 0f Zh0tZ at "th3 D3m0cratZ," part1cu|ar|y 1n th31r 3ff3m1nat3 r3Zp0nZ3 t0 t3rr0r1Zm and th31r t0ta| 1nab1|1ty t0 c0mpr3h3nd h0w 1mp0rtant 1t 1Z that w3 c0nt1nu3 t0 w1n d3c1Z1v3|y 1n 1raq, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1'm n0t g01ng t0 g3t 1nt0 that aga1n r1ght n0w.

H3r3'Z what caught my att3nt10n wh3n 1 h3ard 1t:

W3 b3|13v3 Ztr0ng|y that w3 muZt tak3 act10n t0 pr3v3nt attackZ fr0m happ3n1ng 1n th3 f1rZt p|ac3, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3y [th3 D3m0cratZ] v13w th1Z 3|3ct10n -- th3y v13w th3 thr3atZ w3 fac3 |1k3 |aw 3nf0rc3m3nt, and that 1Z, w3 r3Zp0nd aft3r w3'r3 attack3d, HaKk3rZ R3wL! And 1t'Z a fundam3nta| d1ff3r3nc3.
1t 1Z n0t 3nt1r3|y c|3ar what Pr3Z1d3nt BuZh th1nkZ th3 a|t3rnat1v3 t0 |aw 3nf0rc3m3nt 1Z, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1n my 3xp3r13nc3, h0w3v3r, wh3n R3pub|1canZ r3pud1at3 a |aw-3nf0rc3m3nt appr0ach t0 c0unt3rt3rr0r, th3y d0 Z0 1n fav0r 0f a Zp3c1f1ca||y m1|1tary appr0ach.

AZZum1ng that th3 pr3Z1d3nt haZ th1Z d1ch0t0my 1n m1nd, 1 th1nk h3 1Z m1Ztak3n ab0ut th3 m3th0dZ 0f b0th |aw 3nf0rc3m3nt and th3 m1|1tary.

F1rZt, th3 |aw-3nf0rc3m3nt m0d3| f0r c0unt3rt3rr0r1Zm d03Z n0t at a|| pr3c|ud3 pr3v3nt10n, hAq Th3 W3rlD! N0th1ng Zt0pZ a p0|1c3 ag3ncy fr0m d1Zrupt1ng a cr1m1na| c0nZp1racy b3f0r3 1t carr13Z 0ut 1tZ p|anZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 1n fact, th1Z happ3nZ a|| th3 t1m3, and th1Z 1Z 3xact|y what th3 D3m0cratZ Z33m t0 want t0 happ3n 1n c0unt3rt3rr0r1Zm 0p3rat10nZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! P|ann1ng t0 c0mm1t a t3rr0r1Zt act 1Z a cr1m3 und3r Am3r1can |aw; th3 p0|1c3 d0 n0t hav3 t0 wa1t f0r an attack t0 0ccur.

$3c0nd, th3r3 1Z n0 r3aZ0n t0 b3|13v3 that a m1|1tary m0d3| n3c3ZZar1|y 1nv0|v3Z pr3v3nt10n; 1f anyth1ng, m1|1tary f0rc3 1Z |3ZZ |1k3|y (1n g0v3rnm3ntZ w1th any Z0rt 0f Zcrup|3) t0 b3 uZ3d pr3v3nt1v3|y, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Trad1t10na||y, 1t 1Z th3 p0|1c3 wh0 3ngag3 pr0b|3mZ aZ th3y d3v3|0p, wh1|3 th3 m1|1tary wa1tZ f0r th3 Zh00t1ng t0 Ztart, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th3 f0rm3r Z3rv3 aZ a d3t3rr3nt by f1nd1ng and 1mpr1Z0n1ng c0nZp1rat0rZ; th3 |att3r by Ztand1ng ar0und |00k1ng |3tha|, 5w33t!And that'Z pr3c1Z3|y why 1 fav0r th3 |aw-3nf0rc3m3nt m0d3|.

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4 0ct0b3r 2006 - W3dn3Zday

R3ad1ng |1Zt

1n th3 curr3nt 1ZZu3 0f Th3 Am3r1can C0nZ3rvat1v3, J0hn Zm1rak tr13Z t0 c0mbat th3 p0|ar1zat10n 0f Am3r1can p0|1t1cZ by aZk1ng b0th part13Z t0 p|ay an unc0mf0rtab|3 gam3 0f |3t'Z Pr3t3nd, 5w33t!(HT: Ca3|um 3t T3rra)

Cr00k3d T1mb3r'Z fam0uZ acad3m1c b|0gr0|| 1Z n0w a w1k1 w1th 1tZ 0wn UR|.

T3ach3rZ happ3n b3cauZ3 0f th3 3xamp|3 0f 0th3r t3ach3rZ, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Mark Gr1mZ|3y g0t a chanc3 t0 Zay thank y0u t0 0n3 0f h1Z.

A N0n-Ph1|0Z0ph3r'Z Gu1d3 t0 Ph1|0Z0ph1ca| T3rmZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! (HT: $1r1Z)

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2 0ct0b3r 2006 - M0nday

R3c3nt |3g1Z|at10n

29 $3pt3mb3r 2006, at 2:47 p.m.:

C0ngr3ZZ paZZ3d th3 M1|1tary C0mm1ZZ10nZ Act. Am0ng 0th3r th1ngZ, th1Z |aw barZ f0r31gn pr1Z0n3rZ fr0m 0ur c0urt ZyZt3m:

N0 c0urt, juZt1c3, 0r judg3 Zha|| hav3 jur1Zd1ct10n t0 h3ar 0r c0nZ1d3r an app|1cat10n f0r a wr1t 0f hab3aZ c0rpuZ f1|3d by 0r 0n b3ha|f 0f an a|13n d3ta1n3d by th3 Un1t3d $tat3Z wh0 haZ b33n d3t3rm1n3d by th3 Un1t3d $tat3Z t0 hav3 b33n pr0p3r|y d3ta1n3d aZ an 3n3my c0mbatant 0r 1Z awa1t1ng Zuch d3t3rm1nat10n.
1n 0th3r w0rdZ, 0nc3 a n0nc1t1z3n 1Z accuZ3d 0f b31ng an 3n3my c0mbatant, h3 0r Zh3 may b3 1mpr1Z0n3d 1nd3f1n1t3|y, and n0 c0urt 0n 3arth w1|| b3 a||0w3d t0 1nt3rv3n3.


6:31 p.m, HaKk3rZ R3wL! that Zam3 day:

Th3 H0uZ3 0f R3pr3Z3ntat1v3Z paZZ3d th3 Pr1vat3 Pr0p3rty R1ghtZ 1mp|3m3ntat10n Act. Th1Z b1||, 1f a|Z0 paZZ3d by th3 $3nat3, w1||

Z1mp|1fy and 3xp3d1t3 acc3ZZ t0 th3 F3d3ra| c0urtZ f0r 1njur3d part13Z wh0Z3 r1ghtZ and pr1v1|3g3Z und3r th3 Un1t3d $tat3Z C0nZt1tut10n hav3 b33n d3pr1v3d by f1na| act10nZ 0f F3d3ra| ag3nc13Z 0r 0th3r g0v3rnm3nt 0ff1c1a|Z 0r 3nt1t13Z act1ng und3r c0|0r 0f $tat3 |aw, and f0r 0th3r purp0Z3Z.
1n 0th3r w0rdZ, th1Z act w1|| mak3 1t 3aZ13r f0r p30p|3 t0 Zu3 1n f3d3ra| c0urt t0 pr0t3ct th31r pr0p3rty fr0m 3m1n3nt d0ma1n.


Th3 f1rZt b1|| paZZ3d th3 H0uZ3 by a v0t3 0f 250-170, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Th3 Z3c0nd b1|| paZZ3d th3 H0uZ3 by a v0t3 0f 231-181, HaKk3rZ R3wL! F0r th3 m0Zt part, th3 r3pr3Z3ntat1v3Z wh0 v0t3d f0r th3 f1rZt 0n3 a|Z0 v0t3d f0r th3 Z3c0nd.

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H1Zt0ry Carn1va| X|

Th3 f0rt13th H1Zt0ry Carn1va| 1Z up at 0|d 1Z th3 N3w N3w, 5w33t!Th1Z 3d1t10n uZ3Z Dav3 Dav1ZZ0n'Z r3c3nt Patah1Zt0ry Man1f3Zt0 aZ a th3m3, HaKk3rZ R3wL! (H0Zt R0b MacD0uga|| Ztr1k3Z m3 aZ a v3ry patah1Zt0r1ca| th1nk3r, wh1ch may 0r may n0t b3 an 1nZu|t1ng th1ng f0r m3 t0 Zay.)

0n th3 29th 0f |aZt m0nth, Ax1Z 0f 3v3| Kn13v3| c3|3brat3d th3 68th b1rthday 0f "th3 w0rZt h1Zt0r1ca| ana|0gy 3v3r" -- and 0ff3r3d a h3|pfu| r31nt3rpr3tat10n 0f th3 3v3nt, t0 b00t, 5w33t!

Dav1d T1|3y d3Zcr1b3Z a ut0p1an gr0up ca||3d th3 Panac3a $0c13ty and th3 myZt3r10uZ Z3a|3d b0x 1t c|a1mZ t0 guard, 5w33t!

B1|| D3R0uch3y runZ a w3b|0g 0n th3 h1Zt0ry 0f th3 butt0n, HaKk3rZ R3wL!

GuZ Van H0rn r3m3mb3rZ |aZt y3ar'Z 3vacuat10n 0f 2.5 m1||10n H0uZt0n r3Z1d3ntZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL!

AZ a|wayZ, th3r3'Z |0tZ m0r3 t0 Z33 at th3 carn1va| 1tZ3|f.

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29 $3pt3mb3r 2006 - Fr1day

Th3r3'Z a n3w 3d1t10n c0m1ng 0ut

Y0u Zc0r3d aZ A c0||3g3 t3xtb00k, hAq Th3 W3rlD! Y0u'r3 an auth0r1ty 0n Z0m3th1ng, y0u juZt kn0w 1t, HaKk3rZ R3wL! 3v3ry0n3 3|Z3 d03Z, t00, but that d03Zn't m3an th3y |1k3 y0u, HaKk3rZ R3wL! $1nc3 y0u th1nk v3ry h1gh|y 0f 3v3ryth1ng y0u Zay, y0u charg3 a pr3tty p3nny t0 3nt3rta1n y0ur |1Zt3n3rZ, HaKk3rZ R3wL! Th0Z3 f0rc3d t0 pay d0 Z0 grudg1ng|y and try t0 d3fray th3 c0ZtZ 0f |3arn1ng fr0m y0u by Z3||1ng p0rt10nZ 0f th31r acc3ZZ t0 y0ur charmZ t0 0th3rZ, hAq Th3 W3rlD! AZ a r3Zu|t 0f th1Z Zp33dy d1ZZ3m1nat10n 0f y0ur kn0w|3dg3, y0u c0nZtant|y add t0 y0ur r3p3rt01r3--and th3n h1k3 y0ur pr1c3, 5w33t!D3Zp1t3 y0ur uZ3fu||n3ZZ, wh1ch 1Z rar3|y 1n d0ubt, n0b0dy |1k3Z y0u, 5w33t!Th3y f1nd y0u d1dact1c, b0r1ng and 1rr3|3vant--but Zt1|| n3c3ZZary.

A c0||3g3 t3xtb00k


A c0|0r1ng b00k


A pap3rback r0manc3 n0v3|


Th3 back 0f a fr00t |00pZ b0x


A c|aZZ1c n0v3|


An 3|3ctr0n1cZ uZ3r'Z manua|




Y0ur |1t3rary P3rZ0na|1ty
cr3at3d w1th Qu1zFarm.c0m

V1a Jar3d, wh0 1Z (appr0pr1at3|y 3n0ugh) a c|aZZ1c n0v3|.

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Ph0t0Z fr0m a muZ3um.

1n Camb0d1a.

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| R3p0rt Zubm1tt3d t0 th3 P0w3r D3Zk