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The Google Cache is an extremely useful tool for viewing a web resource that is no longer available, allowing users to see pages generated from cached copies saved on the Google servers during indexing. However, it displays the page as-is with all hyperlinks still displayed as links to the original site, not very useful if you want to explore and the site is gone. To view successive pages one must manually load the urls from the cache one by one.

The Googlator solves this problem by parsing Google Cache pages and redisplaying them with all hyperlinks updated to call itself with the url of the next cached page, Googlated... simply put, once you are in the Googlator, you can surf the Google Cache!

Note that the Google Cache only displays the text, so any images, media or scripts on the original site will not be available if that site is down.

From Google:

Google takes a snapshot of each page examined as it crawls the web and caches these as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable. If you click on the "Cached" link, you will see the web page as it looked when we indexed it.
For a little fun... since The Googlator is based on The Universal Translator, I left in the 'translation' capabilities. To access them, click on translate and select one of the dialects to translate all the text on the page into that particular vernacular...

Both The Googlator and The Universal Translator were written by Nick Donaldson.