A magazine article photo of Hawking.
500x652 JPEG - 61kb

Hawking answers the question, 'How close is science to formulating and uncovering a unified theory?', asked by his assistant Chris Burgoyne after his 'Universe in a Nutshell' lecture, 1/21/00.
160x120 QT - 3.5mb
320x240 QT - 6.0mb
A short video describing how Stephen Hawking uses his speech synthesizer to generate sentences. Sorry about the shaky camerawork!
160x120 QT - 2.2mb
320x240 QT - 7.0mb
Hawking kids around with a group of disabled children.
160x120 QT - 5.5mb
320x240 QT - 11.2mb
Hawking asking 'Can you hear me' at his Stanford Lecture, 4/23/98.
160x120 QT - 609kb
Hawking, Data, Newton and Einstein play Poker in STTNG
160x120 QT - 3.7mb
320x240 QT - 10.2mb
Hawking tells Einstein, 'Wrong again, Albert'.
160x120 QT - 1.4mb
320x240 QT - 4.6mb

'The Universe in a Nutshell' - the full lecture given by Hawking on 1/21/00 at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA.
42min 51sec mp3 - 50.2mb
'Pink Floyd - Keep Talking mp3' - the Floyd track on which Stephen Hawking talks about language.
5min 42sec mp3 - 5.2mb

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