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"Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? Did it stretch forever or was there a limit? And where did it all come from? Where are we going?

"If, like me, you have looked at the stars and tried to make sense of what you see, you have started to wonder what makes the universe exist. The questions are clear and deceptively simple but the answers have always been beyond our reach -- until now." --Stephen Hawking

This fall, Professor Stephen Hawking will examine these and other questions in his new series, "Stephen Hawking's Universe". This much-anticipated 6-part seies will focus on the history of science as it relates to humanity's understanding of the universe in which we live. Hawking takes us on a journey of discovery, from the Big Bang to Einstein's Theory of Relativity to Black Holes to the search for a "Theory of Everything"

Thank you to Jessica Whitehead at Uden Associates and Andrew Luck and Martin Rakusen at the BBC for providing me with air dates and synopses for each of the six programmes.

Synopses are hyperlinked from the title - don't miss a single episode!
Title UK Air Date (BBC 2) US Airdate (PBS)
1 Seeing is Believing August 31st at 7.45pm October 13th at 9pm
2 In the Beginning September 7th at 7.45pm October 20th at 9pm
3 Cosmic Alchemy September 14th at 7.45pm October 27th at 9pm
4 On the Dark Side September 21st at 7.45pm November 3rd at 9pm
5 Black Holes and Beyond September 28th at 7.45pm November 10th at 9pm
6 An Answer to Everything October 5th at 7.45pm November 17th at 9pm
Check the PBS Local Listings for airdates in your area.
GREAT NEWS! You can now buy the tapes directly from WNET, together with the companion book to the series.

If you're interested in these subjects, check out The Hawking Forum where you can read and participate in online discussions about them.
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Series Credits

Co-producers: Thirteen/WNET New York/Uden Associates/David Filkin Enterprises in association with BBC-TV
Executive producer: William F. Grant
Series producer: David Filkin
Director: Philip Martin

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