Our 1998 Caribbean Adventure:
Sun, Fun and Eclipses!
In February 1998, Bec and I took off for the Caribbean for three weeks of fun, sun and eclipse chasing. The focus of the trip was to view the total solar eclipse on the 26th February, and the rest of our time was spent island hopping on Yanidia, a 35 ft yacht, with Craig, Mike, Hal and Sarah. We had a wonderful time, and can't wait to go back to the beautiful Caribbean islands......
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Check out the photos of the eclipse! The gallant crew of the bold ship Yanidia. 
Bec and I kicking it on board ship. Craig, Bec and I invading the swanky hotel beaches!
Babe at the wheel! Keeping her on course......
Hoist the furry
dice, Cap'n?
Make it so!
Scattering my father's ashes into that beautiful, blue Caribbean Ocean.
Crew Naked! A fabulous Caribbean sunset.

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