Fun Flicks......
Ziggy!See videos of my robots here.
As Seen On TV!Have a look at the TV segment on my website featured on the TV program 'Internet Tonight' on the ZDTV Network.
eclipse_2-26_movie_small.gifCheck out the movie that I created using photos from the Feb 26th Caribbean Eclipse images, shot at an interval of 10 minutes over the course of 2 hours.

See the spooky effect as I morph into my beautiful girlfriend Rebecca......,902K)


Take a look at Nick growing up......

n-to-k.mpg, 100K /,980K)


Click here for a profoundly disturbing sight involving My friend Michael......


Nick's having a bad day...... more MPEG fun!


Check out this cool movie of the May 10th 1994 annular eclipse as viewed from Bahia Keno in Mexico...... from the Nick/Michael roadtrip, spring '94

eclipse.mpg, 70K /, 1.46M)

orbital view

And now...... the view from my top-secret orbiting camera......

orb_view.mpg, 183K /, 1.69M)

(Click the link if you need some mpeg or quicktime software......)

I had to add a bunch of really neat animated gifs from all over. I've been collecting them from all over, and I know not who created them; if one of them's yours, let me know and I'll give you credit. This is a graphics-intensive page, you may want to open a seperate window of your browser to download it so you can keep browsing.

last updated 12/17/96
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