Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking.
January 8th 1942 - March 14th 2018

Today we lost an amazing person and a unique mind.
You shall be missed. Thank you for a life well lived.

    Stephen Hawking has been one of my personal heroes ever since my Uncle Ian gave me a copy of his seminal book, "A Brief History of Time", when I was a kid.

    As I read his ideas about space, time, black holes, and the Universe in which we live, I was amazed at how easily he explained the exciting but often complicated subjects explored in the book. I loved how he brought such inspiring theories to the public with a unique wit and insight, making previously baffling concepts fun.

    He is a man so brilliantly gifted that, despite being unable to use pen and paper, he is able to solve problems by constructing the necessary diagrams and manipulating the complex equations in his head. He has proved himself to be an important force in the development of the science of Cosmology, and is believed by many to be the greatest genius alive today.

    He now holds the esteemed position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University, formerly held by Sir Isaac Newton.

    I have included a variety of resources. If you have suggestions for more or know of something I have overlooked, please send me email!

- Nick Donaldson

Top Spot: The Hawking Forum
The Hawking Forum is an online discussion forum for all you passionate physicists out there who love nothing more than to debate the inner workings of the Universe. So come on in and join a lively community of science lovers and give us your opinions of Hawking's ideas, expound a few theories of your own, or just say hi!

Click here to enter The Hawking Forum.

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Stephen Hawking's Official Website

  • is Professor Hawking's great new website, containing biographical, research and lecture information. Well worth a visit!

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